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A week has officially passed since the Cotillion. Harry had officially taken the position as captain of the Lost Revenge Crew in Uma's absence and Gil was now the first mate. Though they were on a bit of a rough patch, the sons of Captain Hook and Gatson were trying to put their differences behind them and come together to lead the crew.

Harry, Gil, and a few other members of the crew stepped up to work in Ursula's Fish and Chips, wanting to use the restaurant as their home-base. Ursula didn't care about the so-called pirate crew did just as long as she had people working in her shop. 

The infamous sea witch usually stayed in her house that was connected to the restaurant, spending her time watching TV since she had nothing better to do. But Ursula was shocked to see that her daughter had somehow made it to Auradon and trying to find ways to take down the barrier. And when her plan of using King Ben didn't work, Uma took her anger and need for vengeance out on the people.

Ursula smiled wickedly as she watched her daughter easily win the fight against Mal, who transformed into a dragon, and Hector try to keep the boat afloat. Uma was a child of the sea, granddaughter of Poseidon, there was no way they were going to win against her. But everything changed once Helena went overboard. 

Everyone seemed to be holding their breaths until she resurfaced with the help of the Furies, who were ready to drag Uma to the Underworld once Helena was okay. But their princess ordered them to do otherwise and the three deities returned to their homeworld. 

Ursula's pride in her faded when she watched Uma turn away, sadness in her eyes as she felt sorry for what she done. Ursula scoffed, feeling stupid that she would expect her daughter to do anything else. Uma didn't have the nerve or conviction to be a villain, she had a heart underneath all the walls she built around herself and feigned apathy. If Ursula was there, she would done whatever necessary to take down the barrier and get revenge, regardless of who she hurt along the way.

Ursula jumped up from her seat when she heard screaming coming from the restaurant. She got up from her chair and walked over to the door that connected her house to the shop, ready to tell them to keep it down for the hundredth time. But as Ursula opened and peeked out, wanting to see just all the fuss was about. 

CJ had come bursting through the doors, running over to Harry and wrapping her arms tightly around her brother. The son of Captain Hook was taken back by his sister's surprise appearance, stumbling slightly as a free hand returned the hug. 

Harry looked down at his little sister in concern, "What happened?" 

CJ pulled away with a large grin on her face and handed her brother a scroll, "A few royal guards showed up at my house today and... look!"

Harry looked CJ skeptically as Gil joined the new captain at his side. The son of Captain Hook unrolled the scroll, revealing what had CJ  happy. 

"His Royal Majesty, King Benjamin of Aurdon, and his Counselor, Ms. Evie Grimhilde of the Isle, with the granted Olympian dispensation, hereby request the pleasure of your company, Calista Jane Hook, for the current academic year at Auradon Prep. Please notify his Majesty's courtiers of your response to this Request. 

Best Regards, 
The Bureau of Isle of Affairs" 

"I got accepted into Auradon!" CJ squealed, hugging Gil as she couldn't contain her excitement. 

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