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Manik almost ran through the corridors of SPACE, mumbling few curses to himself. He was late on the very first day of college and he was so sure his first impression wasn't going to be good. Not that he previously had a good impression.

He wasn't obviously a good boy but he wasn't a bad boy too.

He looked at his watch to check the time and the moment he looked at his watch he bumped into something rather someone.

"Oh shit." Throwing his hands in the air, he caught the girl's hand right in time before she could fall down. He pulled her towards him and she banged on his chest with a light thud.

She raised her head to look at him and their eyes met. They could actually feel the spark within them. Their eyes locked for a second but it felt like forever.

"Fuck." She cursed as she pushed him and stepped back. Manik ruffled his hair lightly and looked at her. The first thing that he noticed was her height. She was small or it's better to say he was tall.

"What?" The girl gave him a look and he found her cute.

She was rude but cute.

Manik shook his head in nothing but he sure couldn't take his eyes off that angelic face. She let out a chuckle and took a step front. Looking right into his eyes, she pulled him down by his collar.

"You can't get your eyes off me and looking at you, you aren't that bad too. So wanna try your luck and hang out with me tonight." She said huskily, right over his face.

His heart had already been thumping so hard and their proximity wasn't helping either. He gently held her by her shoulder and pushed her down. "I would love to hang out with you." Manik smiled sweetly yet nervousness was totally evident in his face.

"Okay. Cool." She said as she took out a pen and wrote her number on his hand. "Call me." She said with a smug smile as she left.

Manik looked at his hand. "Nandini." He mumbled her name softly and without even knowing a smile had been playing on his face.

But right then the bell rang bringing him back to reality. "Oh no!" He immediately ran up the stairs but ended up stumbling on the stairs and fell down. "Issshhh." He wailed softly.

He was sweet but clumsy.

He sure was late but the professor was least bothered about that. Ten minutes after his entry, Nandini came in the class with her cool attitude.

She simply entered the class without even asking for permission and directly headed to one empty bench.

She was a bad girl.

Manik turned his head backward and looked at her, remembering their encounter.

She looked at him too. Their eyes met and yet again they felt a deep sensation in some part of their heart.

She looked away and he looked at his hand, smilingly as he shifted his gaze back to the board.

He was just an average boy.

The day went by and the evening arrived. "Manik you aren't sick right?" Cabir, his best buddy asked and he just sighed.

Today he had been unusually quiet and it wasn't a great deal for Cabir to find out something was amiss.

"You have been constantly staring at your hand. Is there something?"

Manik again sighed and rolled to the other side of his bed.

"Are you even in your sane mind?" Cabir said and yet again he was ignored. "Okay fine. Do whatever you want." Cabir left his room, totally irked.

After thinking for long, Manik finally dialed Nandini's number. As the sound of the phone ringing hit his ears, he got nervous and ended up cutting it. "Aaaahh I can't do this." He shouted in frustration and right then his phone rang.

It was from Nandini. Sighing, he picked it up.

"Seems like this time as well I have to take the first move." Nandini's voice hit his ears and that time he knew she had been smirking.

"Uhhh uhh that-"

"Don't be such a kid." She said in a carefree tone. "Or is it that my personality scares you?" Her voice softened at this line and it didn't go unnoticed by Manik.

"No. I was just nervous but now I don't think I am. So-" He cleared his throat. "If you are free and aren't doing anything tonight do you want to spent some time with me?"

She chuckled a bit. "Yes I am free tonight and yes I am not doing anything tonight. So I accept your proposal."

Manik smiled widely, only if she could have seen his smile.

"You wouldn't back off, right?" She added.

"Trust me. I won't." He said in a firm tone, rolling down to the other side of the bed.

"Okay then I am trusting you. So I am texting you my address. Come to pick me up."


"Okay." She said after a few moments of silence.

"Okay." Manik said yet again, waiting for her to hang up the phone.

"Okay." She had been grinning widely when she said it yet again.

"Perhaps okay will be our 'always'." Manik giggled over the phone.

"Hey copyright to John Green." Nandini almost shouted over the phone but he knew she had been grinning.

"Okay." Manik said and both of them burst out laughing.

"Okay I am hanging up." Nandini said in between her laughter.

"Okay." Manik said and yet again she couldn't hold back her laughter and neither could he.

"Okay bye." She said and cut the call. He hid his face in the pillow, all flustered after the conversation.

"Okay." He said to himself and smiled sheepishly. He rolled to the left but ended up falling from the bed. "Isshh." He wailed softly but soon it was covered with a sheepish grin.

I just hope you liked it. Please do give this story a chance.

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