Chapter Forty Six

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Pic above is Codie/Noah's Zera (Zuke's Girlfriend 🤣😂) ^

All four Babies were asleep in their Cot's in their respective bedroom's.
The Baby Monitor sat propped on the coffee table so that Noah and Codie could listen for Knox who was upstairs.
Blayze sat on the left hand end of our lounge, His left arm propped up on the arm rest and His hand holding a beer stubby.
Codie sat on the opposite end, his right arm the mirror image of Blayze's.
Noah sat cuddled up against Codie's left side, Her leg's tucked up and Her gaze alternating between the TV screen and Her phone screen, Her finger's occasionally tapping away at the screen.
I had no clue where my phone was and I wasn't that concerned about it, happy to just have some peace around our busy House and a chance to snuggle up against my soon to be Husband.
Because as a group we're not all that great at agreeing on a Movie to watch (and Noah and I wanted our Men to actually spend some time with us instead of take off upstairs to play on the X-Box), we'd settled for the old fashioned form of tossing a coin to work out a decision.
Of course I lost the toss against Blayze.
But the Girl Power had still been in with a chance, because Noah managed to win Her toss against Codie.
Blayze and Noah had gone up against each other and much to Noah and I's joy (and my admitted surprise), Noah had managed to win!
Codie had sunk into the couch, grumbling that the movie we were going to watch would put Him to sleep.
Noah had been tempted to choose something like The Notebook or Mean Girl's just to annoy the Boy's a bit more.
I'd reasoned with her that they wouldn't sit through either of those Movies with us.
The most 'Girlie' I could get Blayze to watch had to contain Horses.
Or some pretty decent Sex scenes.
The Longest Ride was nearly half way through on our fairly large flat screen TV.
The movie probably wasn't really anywhere near being up Codie's ally, but through living with them for a while, I'd come to realise that occasionally Codie will let Noah wear the pants, and wear them She will!
I slipped My gaze off the TV to glance over at Noah.
She'd confessed to vomiting this morning at around 6AM.
While we'd been dealing with the Babies at breakfast time She'd told Me She felt a bit nauseous.
Throughout the later morning She'd seemed to pick up.
But when Blayze and Codie slipped Luka, Knox, Brodie and Dale out for a walk, Noah had fallen asleep on the couch instead of getting stuck into some child free cleaning like I'd opted to do.
At least if Noah was sick, She had three week's to get over it.
I just hoped She didn't spread it throughout too much of the Bridal Party.
But the rhythm of the sickness, nausea and then the daytime nap had Me wondering if She was sick.
Though maybe She was justified in a bit of a nap while Her Son was out with His Daddy, seeing as for the last two night's Knox had apparently been up three times each night, deciding it was party time rather than sleep time.
Mum and Aunty Bridey both called it 'sleep regression'.
I didn't remember Luka going through it though.
Putting Noah's mystery away for later analysis, I turned My focus back to the TV just in time to watch Luke come off a Bull with a decent whack to the head.
I cringed and shot a glance up to Blayze's face, thankful not for the first time that He no longer competed in Rodeo.

A faint buzz sounded.
I would've mistaken it for Noah's phone, but I saw a phone that was sitting on the coffee table light up.
"Is that your's?"
I asked Blayze.
He asked, dragging His gaze off the TV.
So much for not wanting to watch the movie.
I pointed to the coffee table where the phone screen was still alight.
Blayze's gaze followed my gesture.
He agreed.
"Want Me to grab it?"
I offered.
I peeled Myself off His side and stretched forward to grab the iPhone.
Just as I picked it up, the screen went black.
"You can check it if You want."
Blayze told Me, picking His beer up to take a sip.
Neither of us has ever been overly protective of the other one seeing our phone's text's or call's, but it still gave Me a sense of happiness when He would more or less suggest I check the phone for Him.
I pressed the home button, but instead of unlocking, the keypad for the passcode came up.
I typed in the four number's I knew off the top of my head and the phone opened to Blayze's home screen.
The Messages app had a red circle with '1' written inside of it.
I tapped on the app and it opened with Heath's name at the top of the list and a blue 🔵 in front.
"It's Heath."
I explained.
Blayze sounded almost lazy.
I tapped on Heath's name and the message opened.
"He says He just caught another New's update."
I explained.
"Goes on to day He's not sure if You saw it, but they're saying a hundred percent chance of rain Tomorrow!"
My spine straightened like an iron rod as I read the last of Heath's message.
His text by no mean's had the same emphasis in it that I stated, but I couldn't help it.
Was there actually a chance that our Drought would finally get some relief?
"Believe that when we see it."
Codie muttered.
Blayze agreed.
"You don't think it will?"
I pulled my attention from the phone to look at Blayze's face.
Blayze lifted His right shoulder in a shrug.
"We've been waitin' on rain for over a year."
"That's all the more reason to get excited!"
I insisted.
"And it wouldn't be the first time for the weather idiot's to be wrong."
Blayze pointed out.
"Well how were the Horses and the rest of the Stock Tonight?"
I asked, locking His phone.
"Fucken stupid."
Codie remarked.
"It is a Full Moon Tonight remember?"
Noah pointed out.
I slumped into the lounge cushions.
Would nobody let Me get excited about the prospect of much needed rain?
"You know I'd love for it to be true."
Blayze told Me, sliding His right hand onto My left thigh.
"But as I say to every weather report-"
I rolled My eyes, knowing what was coming.
"I'll believe it when I fucken see it."
I mimicked his usual declaration.
Noah giggled.
Codie laughed!
"Jeez man! Look out! She could impersonate ya as long as the person couldn't see her!"
It was my turn to laugh!
"I'm pretty sure I definitely wasn't that close."
I denied.
If I could actually pull off Blayze's voice, it would probably be a damn good idea for Me to get My voice box or throat checked.
"It was pretty close!"
Noah insisted.
"How about You keep hold of My phone and You can handle the admin side of the business?"
Blayze suggested, giving My leg a squeeze.
"Ha ha!"
I bumped His side with My shoulder.
We all turned our attention back to the Movie.
Hold on!
I straightened up, My mind kicking into overdrive.
"That's actually not a bad idea!"
Codie pulled His gaze off the TV, raising a questioning eyebrow.
"You talking for Blayze?"
Noah gave His arm a half hearted smack.
I waved a dismissive hand.
"What's not a bad idea?"
Blayze asked.
I twisted to face Him.
"Setting up a web page for the Rodeo Stock Business!"
I explained.
He opened His mouth.
I held up a hand, knowing He was about to protest with something like as if I have time for computer's.
"And You focus on the Horses and I deal with the Admin and Customer's!"
I declared.
"That is a good idea!"
Noah agreed.
I turned to shoot Her a smile.
"We could so set up a web page that will draw attention!"
She declared.
"Not bad."
Codie agreed, nodding.
Feeling triumphant, I turned back to Blayze, to observe His reaction.
A slight frown marred His brow.
"I dunno..."
He mused.
Trying not to feel overly offended, I folded My arm's under My chest.
"What? You don't think I can handle it?"
He rolled His eyes.
"That is not what I was getting at."
"Tread carefully Bro!"
Codie warned, sounding amused.
"Shut up."
Noah hissed.
I raised an eyebrow, waiting for Blayze to go on.
He shook His head.
"I just never thought of doing it that way."
"What way? Sharing the 'Business' with the Girl who in three week's is gonna be Your Wife?"
Three weeks?!
It really was sneaking up on us!
Blayze tipped His head back to rest against the back of the lounge.
Codie snickered.
"If I was in Her shoes He'd be one answer away from sleeping on the couch."
Noah muttered.
Blayze broke His gaze off mine to shoot Noah a glare.
"Precisely why I'm finding it so amusing."
Codie whispered.
"Coz it's not Me for once!"
"Ignore them."
Blayze urged, turning His gaze back to mine.
"I'm not bagging Your capabilities. Not by a long shot."
"I get that. But what are you trying to say?"
I asked.
"I guess I never really saw it as a long term big business."
He shrugged.
"I set it up, with Jax's help, coz I knew I had to find some way to keep money coming in. Going away Shearing or on the Mines is the last thing I wanna do."
"Then what's the problem with setting it up so I deal with the Admin stuff and You deal with the Horses?"
I pressed.
The way I saw it, it was a win, win!
"I never said I have a problem with it."
Blayze denied, with a small shake of His head.
"I just never thought of it. I guess I only thought of the business as a way to keep money coming in while times on the Farm were so tough. I kinda assumed it would simmer on the back burner once the Farm was operating in full force again."
"You already get up at four thirty or five every morning except Sunday."
I pointed out.
"I'm sure I can manage some computer work and phone call's when the Kid's are quiet or sleeping. If I do Admin stuff, then You boss the hand's around a bit more when the Farm's running properly again and You work with the Rodeo Stock, then I think it all can work."
"I'm definitely open to the idea."
Blayze relented.
"But it's Saturday night. How about we talk about it again on Monday?"
I pouted, My excitement burning out.
I turned around to face the TV again.
We missed a decent chunk of the movie.
"It's a great idea Babe."
Blayze stated, sliding His right arm around My shoulder's.
"I just think if we've got the chance to not talk about work, then we should take it."
I turned My head and stretched up to kiss His cheek.
Blayze, being Blayze, turned so that our lip's connected.
I couldn't help but smile.
Cheeky shit!
"I accept Your point."
I informed Him.
"Plus we've got a Wedding to worry about. We'll talk about it at a later date."
"If we did it, maybe we could get a business mobile. That way not every bastard would have to have My mobile number."
Blayze mused.
I couldn't help but smile.
He'd said to stop talking about it, but He was thinking about it!
"That's not a bad idea."
I agreed, nodding.
"I'm pretty sure we'd be able to claim that on Tax."
"We would. That's how Isaiah run's four SAT phones."
"We could set it up so they can converse with Me by e-mail, or if they have to, phone."
I mused.
Blayze nodded.
"Then I don't have to worry about the ones like this Morgan who's been calling My phone every fucking day for the last week!"
Say what?
For once, I actually didn't feel the usual surge of the ugly green monster.
But Blayze still had some explaining to do.
I twisted to face Him, raising an eyebrow.
"You didn't bother to tell Me some chick's calling Your phone every day?"
"Run for cover Bro!"
Codie teased, laughter lacing His voice.
Blayze rolled His eyes, giving Me a squeeze with the arm around My shoulder's.
"Work, Babe. She's got a Horse She wants Me to work with. She called last Sunday and I told Her the earliest it could come out was Tuesday. Since Tuesday She's called Me every day with some drama, reason or excuse as to why it's not gettin' here that day."
It was My turn to roll My eyes.
"Then why don't You just tell Her to call You when the Horse is coming?"
"Tried that."
He shook His head.
"Still got a semi hysterical call the next day."
Codie laughed!
I turned back to the TV and sank into the couch cushion's and Blayze's side.

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