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As told, Larxene was going to be my alley on this assignment. I was told it was a simple one, collect as many as possible within the given time limit, we had an hour, and our time didn't start until we got to Twilight Town. Everyone still seems surprised that Larxene was actually looking forward to do something, let alone be around me.

I was in the grand hall talking it over with Larxene, and we both agreed to try and get it over with as soon as possible, we both found these kinds of assignments to be tedious and a waste of time. She felt my talents and abilities were being wasted for what they could really do, she knew I could do so much more than what I had just discovered. She told me that all I really had to do was imagine or think about what I wanted the darkness to do and it would do it, or somehow accommodate.

I just happened to look over and I saw Axel talking secretly with Rix. I squinted my eyes focusing on them, it looked like he had leaned down and gave her something. I looked closer....as she let her arm fall from his soft grasp, there was a bracelet there. It was thick, and black, with red all throughout, and it said 'Rix' in big fancy purple writing. I found this sort of odd...but maybe it was her..she dropped it and he was returning it to her....but then again I swear I didn't remember there being a bracelet on her arm as many times as I've seen her around.

"Ready to take off?" Larxene asked me, breaking my concentration.

As we walked, we walked passed Renxsuke, who was off being an outcast as usual. "Don't hurt yourself, wouldn't want to scratch that pretty face.."

I glared at him as we stopped for Larxene to open a portal. "Just you wait...." I muttered.

"Let's get going and get this done so we'll have more time to talk," Larxene said. I nodded and followed her as she walked through. When the opening behind us disappeared, I could see she had a question on her face. "So, what's his problem?"

I knew she was referring to Renxsuke, "Join the club, that's the question everyone's asking, I have no idea."

"He seems pretty messed up, the only thing that Xemnas knows about him is that he has no family, he was on his own since he was five. Others took him in from time to time, until he got tired of them and left suddenly, or he did something to get put out."

"Interesting.." that would explain his outcasting, and such a bad mood with everything.. But he told me he was completely taken by darkness...so when and how did that happen? And I still hadn't figured out why Ashtcher was so quiet now. And what was up with Axel, Rix, and that bracelet. Rhys seemed like the only sane one, even though she herself was a little crazy.

We walked out of the portal into Twilight Town, as soon as we did, ten heartless appeared. "I guess they're being cooperative today," Larxene said as she got in her fighting stance as I summoned Two Across

"Seems so," I smiled and then launched towards them swinging. Then a few nobodies showed up, and Larxene quickly took them out even though she knew the hearts wouldn't be collected. A different form of heartless, that was a little bigger than the common forms, jumped at me and I quickly lifted Two Across to block as the heartless battled with my blade. I pushed it back, sending it in the air and vanquished it. After that the heartless didn't appear anymore...for the time being. We walked to the sandlot and the same three people from before were there.

Larxene observed Seipher and smiled. "Why don't you test some of your dark abilities on him? He looks like he could use a lesson."

"That sounds like a good idea," I smiled. I walked over and stopped a few feet away from him and he turned his attention to me.

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