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"Ok. Kayleigh Mae age 10 and Gabrielle age 7, both beat,raped and trafficked my the same man, Gino Rosetti." Fin said out loud for the whole precient of search officers to hear.

"We know its this man but hes practically invisible." Munch also added.

Olivia parted her self from the rest of the group and ran into the bathrooms.

Amanda noticed it and went in after her.

"Liv? Whats wrong?" Amanda asked gathering tissues for her friend.

"This guy,Gino, he's invisible like Lewis,what if more people have to get hurt and killed because of this man like Lewis did? We all knew who he was and where he was but we couldn't get him in time. What if Amanda-" Amanda cut Olivia off.

"Thats thing about this job, we will never know until this man is put away. Right now theres two little girls who need us more than ever right now and we need to help them feel safe." Amanda said embracing Olivia.

Olivia and Amanda stood up and walked out.

"Amanda, Liv, we got something. School teacher Danielle Fortum,33. Was sexually assaulted. In the school." Fin said.

"Ill go talk to her." Amanda said.

"Ill go with you." Olivia said getting her stuff.

"Hi,Danielle my names Olivia and this is Amanda,do you remember anything that happened today?"" Olivia introduced her self.

"Um,ya I was walking to get the kids from lunch when I heard crying in the bathrooms. I went in,there was a one of our fourth grade girls,Layton James. I was walking to her when a man jumped out of the stall and r-raped me. That little girls face was so scared." Danielle said wiping the hair out of her face.

"We need to find this girl." Amanda said.

"We will." Olivia responded.

Amanda and Olivia were leaving the hospital when Amanda's phone rang.

"That was Fin they found Layton's parents." Amanda said.


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