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When they pulled up to a large, white marble building. Kirstin gawked at the large building. There was no way she was sleeping in that house. They must keep a slave quarter out back or something.

"Come along, Noisette," the man commanded firmly to gain her attention. Kirstin quickly nodded, sliding out onto the pavement as he gently led her inside the home. It was a prestigious building with so much white Kirstin thought she was going blind. The male leading her stopped abruptly, as did she. He turned around, reaching a hand towards her hips, causing her to flinch away.

"Sh, calm down, chérie." He whispered. "I promise I won't harm you, but I need to hold you there, okay?" He practically pleads with her.

Kirstin reluctantly nods, and the man's arm wrapped around her waist, his thumb pressing against her hip bone as a group of men walked by. It was a gesture of dominance and ownership to other master's.

They all scanned her body longingly but continued on as they noticed the man behind her. Arviel Kaplan was the man that was known not to share what was his.

"They may want you, but no one will touch you." He whispered to her. "I must protect my innocent flower."

His hand trailed down her hip as he began to pull away, earning a small whimper.

"Pl-please. No." She looked down at the floor, afraid that if their eyes met he would assume she liked his touch. "I'll do what you want."

The man's eyes were clouded with confusion until he finally understood what she meant, retracting his arm.

"What's wrong, Noisette?" He asked, concerned. Kirstin didn't answer, her arms crossed over her chest to block off any access to her chest.

The man scanned his eyes over her stance. Why was she so closed off?

"Please."  Her voice was barely audible. She didn't want him to get her. She didn't want anyone to touch her. Not like he did.

His eyes seemed to widen when he understood what she meant.

Rather than speak, the man backed-up to give her space. A clear indication he understood her and would not do that to her. It was a small comfort as another man approached the two.

He was much taller than Mr. Kaplan and offered a warm smile.

"Please take her to my bedroom. Explain tonight. I'll be up in a while to collect her." He instructed the blonde, who nodded, taking her arm. The brunette forced herself not to flinch away.

"I'm Scott. Scott Hoying."  The male offered a warm smile in order to soothe her nerves.

"Avi's not gonna have the common sense to tell me your name until the nights over, mind telling me?" He asked once again when his initial try to start conversation failed.

His name was Avi? It didn't sound as scary as he did.

"K-Kirstin, sir." She stuttered in response to his question, frowning at the stutter.

Surprisingly, the male didn't scold her but smiled. "You seem special." He remarked. "Avi almost never buys girls. Must be something that lured him in."  The blonde hoped his words would boost her confidence.

Finally, she was led into a large bedroom. It had a few leather chairs around a small table, a large bed, and TV on a stand. Why did they want her in here?

Oh god, had they decided to punish her? Had she broken a rule?  Questions flooded her mind.

She gasped quietly as the man, Scott, put a friendly hand on her shoulder.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." He apologized. "I just wanted to explain everything. Mr. Kaplan, your owner, is hosting a party tonight. He wants you at his side, so you'll need to change into something nice." He explained gently, trying not to scare her.

Someone in the past hurt this girl, no doubt about it.

"Y-yes, Sir."  she nodded, trying to make sure he wouldn't hurt her if she turned away.  The man seemed to sigh in response, opening the closet door for her.

"I'll leave you to get dressed, Kirstin." The blonde left, a faint smile played at her lips. He actually called her by her name.

Kirstin picked out the most un-revealing thing she could find. A mid-thigh length, red dress.

Maybe, if she just followed along they wouldn't hurt her? These men were very confusing to her.

Sighing, she changed into the outfit quickly. She could do this. She had people do much more than confuse her.

When she changed she looked at her reflection in the mirror. It was strange; she didn't see anyone anymore. Just an empty body, tossed around by faith. Her heart was gone and her soul full of happy memories failed her long ago. She was just a broken girl that people used and threw away.

"You look stunning, Chaton." He smiled, making her jump in surprise.

"You look so beautiful. Everyone will be jealous they can't touc you, because you're mine and I protect you." He promised her gently, kissing the top of her head.

"They can look all they want, but only I own you, my innocent flower."

Her heart sank in her chest. "If only." She mumbled quietly.

Apparently, he heard her, for his hand hesitantly interlaced fingers with hers as he smiled

"No matter what they did, you'll always be innocent to me."

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