CH. 13

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*Persphone p.o.v

        I woke up to be in bed with Anthony his arms keeping me still, i dont remember how i got to be in this postion but im blaming Lexi and Fawnie. 

        "Hey its not my fault Fawnie loves a demon," Lexie said. Fawnie growled

        "Anthony is our mate, we have to love him," Fawnie growled louder. i moaned

           "Oww girls chill my head is pounding," i told them. when ANthony woke up.

        "Are you better yet?" he asked polietly. i grimaced. 

        "no not really, i need Ja-" i was saying till he pressed his lips against mine.

        "Don't you dare insult me like that," he gropwled. i sighed

        "Whatever," i said and closed my eyes. He seem to think about what he was going to say because he stayed silent .

        "Do you not want me as a mate?" he asked, his tone shook.

~~~Anthony p.o.v

        I warched over my little mate and cursed at my demon, he just had to push at her vampire side. Damn it. 

         "Not my fault, her vampiric side is a whore," he growled. I sighed into her hair.

        "That doesnt matter, she is our mate, so we have to love her," I whispered. He rolled his eyes and contiued to try and coax his mate out of her shell. Fawnieas he called her was a loving werewolf, that she was trying to get Peresphone to love us, but Lexi didnt like to be controlled; and from the displays shes been doing it would seem shes keen on haveing a mate. When i felt her stir, she began moaning. My demonic side was trying to take control. 

        "ARe you better yet?" i asked my voice formal. She made a face at me. 

        "no not really, i need Ja-" she said when i sprang at her lips 

          "Don't you dare insult me like that," i growled at her. i was tring to keep my demon in place.

        "Whatever," she said closing her hazel eyes. i stayed thinking about everything thats happened in the past couple of days. 

           "Do you not want me as a mate?"  i asked, i tried not to have my voice shake but it did.

        "WHy would you ask that?" persephone asked quietly.

        "You dont seem to like me at all," I said shortly.

        "I dont. well okay maybe thats a lie. but maybe we can try it again?" she said hope sprang from my chest.

        " I would like that," i muttered and closed mt eyes. 

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