Cursed (Tuffnut X Reader)

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You'd never gotten a chance to live a normal life. From the day you were born, you were different. What you could only assume was a curse from the gods forced you to live in solitude. Black dragon scales replaced your skin in places, such as your right hip and the outer sides of your thighs. They also travelled from you left shoulder blade up to the side of your neck. There were other small patches on your middle and arms. Neither dragons nor humans had ever excepted you; even your own parents abandoned you.

But it wasn't all bad. You had no rules, no limits, and the whole world to explore. And the fact that you could morph into a full night fury at will made travelling much easier.

Out searching for a new island to explore, you landed on one that inhabited people. Normally, you'd never land among humans, but something about these people set them apart from any others you'd ever met. These vikings were living in peace with dragons.

You didn't even bother trying to hide. Gliding down to the village, you landed near what looked to be a dragon killing arena. Only, the dragons in it were being trained, not slaughtered. Staying in your dragon form, you peaked in and saw another night fury, along with a nadder and a zippleback. A noise of surprise gurgled in your throat, and four young vikings looked directly up at you from inside.

"Woah, a night fury?" The husky blonde male spoke in awe and excitement.

The trained night fury leapt out of the arena excitedly and tackled you in joy. He knocked you over and licked your cheek. You hissed lightly and squirmed out from under him, glaring at him a bit. "That..I thought.." the brunette boy wasn't even able to find his words. He approached you with a calm look and held out a hand. But you growled, still not sure how you felt about the situation.

The boy backed away. But you soon felt something touch your wing. Turning your head, you saw handsome blonde boy stroking your scales carefully. "This is so cool! Can I have her?" He exclaimed, "let's name her, uh.. (Y/n)!"

You cocked your head curiously. He was a cute boy, no doubt, and his intentions seemed pure. Finally, you decided to trust these people.

• • •

Only a week had passed since you arrived at Berk. "Alright, calm down, (Y/n)," Hiccup laughed as you jumped around the arena impatiently, "the others will be here soon, then we'll start your training for the day."

But that's not what you were excited for; when everyone was there, you'd finally tell them your secret. They'd proven themselves trustworthy enough.

When Tuffnut entered, he was surprised to find you tearing your saddle off. "Uh, what's up with (Y/n)?" He asked.

"I'm not sure," Hiccup responded, dodging the saddle as it was flung his way. "Hey, watch it."

Finally, you changed. It was the first time in a week that you'd been in your human body. Needless to say, your balance was a bit off. You found yourself falling to your hands and knees as you morphed. Looking up, you were met with six ghostly pail faces. "So, uh..just thought you should know..." You muttered nervously.

Tuffnut was awestruck. Not only did a dragon just turn into a human, it had turned into the most beautiful girl he'd ever laid eyes on. Surely this was a goddess. He felt his face heat up as he smiled dreamily and breathed, ""

• • •

You were at the bewilderbeast's nest when Drago began to attack. After killing their Alpha and destroying Stoick, the man signalled for his Alpha to call all of the dragons and leave. For you, this was a problem. You'd been beginning to mourn the death of your chief when you felt a pull in your stomach. Even in your human form, the Alpha seemed to have some power over you.

Tuffnut saw this and his eyes widened. He made his way over to you hastily, "(Y/n), don't listen to it."

You shook your head as if to escape the call, but it was still there. "Tuff, I can't--" you began, cutting yourself off as a hiss escaped your throat.

Tuffnut grabbed your shoulders to keep you still. Over the past five years, he'd fallen in love with you, and he wasn't about to let Drago take you away. Placing his hands over your ears, he pulled you into his chest and held you there firmly.

Finally, you felt your mind begin to calm. Unable to hear the call of the Alpha any longer, you closed your eyes in relief. Thankfully your face was hidden, because you blushed hard when you realized the position you were in. One of Tuffnut's arms was around your back, while his other hand covered your ear and pressed your other ear to his chest. You focused in his heartbeat, fast with adrenaline.

After a few minutes, Tuff let you go; the bewilderedbeast was gone. He sighed, "to be honest, I didn't think that would work."

You smiled sideways at him and gave him a hug, "thank you." After placing a gentle kiss on his cheek, you let him go. His face went as red as a tomato and his eyes widened. Taking his hand into yours, the two of you walked back over to the others.

As Stoick's body was sent out to sea, you cried silently as Tuff held a comforting arm around your shoulders. But the war commenced. Soon, Drago was fallen and Hiccup was named chief. Life on Berk was going up hill once again. And now that Tuff knew his feelings were returned, life was sure to be better than ever.

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