Chapter Nine

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     I dragged myself on every step that I make, my breathing was shallow, my eyes moistened at the sight of the small church. My heavy heart was going to explode from the pain that I had been hiding.

     Hugging the vase tightly in my arms I went to the back of the church where my mother was.

     I entered the cemetery and walked over to the grave that I very much familiar with. Not a single dirt can be seen on mother's grave. Aunt Mary cleans her older sister grave every morning.

     Kneeling down on the cool mat of grass I placed the vase on her side. Trees shading the heat of the sun, leaves rustling at the wind.

Magdalena Kendrick. Her name carved on the beautiful white stone.

     "Hello mother, I miss you. A lot of things happened, I had this wonderful life, it was like a dream," I said to the cold stone and told the story about the world called earth. "And I met Nick. We fell in love, hard." That was the time I stared to break down.

Tears flooded from my eyes, the agony I had kept inside escaped from my mouth and heart clenched from the pain of losing a partner as if half of my life was gone. Like a withered flower, I curled down with my forehead kissing the soft grass.

     "I'm so sorry," I said to my dead husband. "I'm sorry... I couldn't do it." My fingers clawed the soil. "I want to be with you with our baby. I-I tried, Nick, but I'm... scared. Sorry. Sorry."

     I cried my eyes out asking for forgiveness. I stayed there for so long that I lost time and eventually fell asleep.


It was hard to open my eyes, after that session of crying. With my slightly fluffy eyes, I analyzed where I was.

I was in a small room that has a bed and a small drawer in it. I looked over at the open window beside me staring at the vast cemetery.

The door slowly opened making a creaking sound. A head of a child peaked, her eyes widen as she saw me awake. In panic, she closed the door but her head was still blocking the way. She made a hurting sound from her stupidity.

I chuckled that made the girl looked at me and smiled.

"I made you laugh, big sis," the child said as she steps inside the room leaving the door opened.

"You did," I confirmed her with a smile. "Are you okay?"

"Okay?" She asked with furrowed brows.

"I mean, are you alright?" I asked again.

"Yes," the child said. She had blond hair and green eyes.

After we had a little chat a bell rang four times indicating it was already four.

"It's time for the mass," Chloe said. "After the mass, sister Mary will check on you."

I shook my head standing. "I'll be going now. Tell the sisters that I'm thankful," I said that made her cute face sad. "I'll come back to properly thank them."

Chloe nodded excitedly and led me outside of the church.

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