Chapter 31: Kat

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The next morning was my final morning in the house.

I would never sleep another night in the place where innocence goes to die.

There were many 'never would I ever again's to be happy about pertaining to this house and my predicaments over the last five weeks. There was, however, one 'never would I ever again' that brought me an insufferable degree of sadness.

Never would I ever again wake up- like I had on this morning- in the arms of Blake.

I'd never slept better next to anyone than I did next to Blake- Including Dominic. It probably wasn't fair to compare the two experiences considering I'd only actually slept next to Dominic one night and it was the same night before my mother was murdered.

Yet, how Blake's body suctioned mine in like the two were magnets and held mine against his all night long had to be something unique. We never started that way when we fell asleep but every night, without fail, we'd end up clutched in the other's arms, limbs overlapping limbs.

That final morning was no exception.

I didn't know how long I'd been awake before Blake began to stir, too. I just laid there on his chest, counting his even breaths as they pulled in and out of his parted lips. First, his hand twitched on top of mine. Then his shoulder.

And then, in one sudden start, he was jerked awake by his own self.

My stare flew upwards to find Blake with his eyes wide open and panicked. His clipped breathing filled the silence in the room and I pressed the palm of my hand against his chest.

"Hey, you're okay," I soothed. His arm that cradled my waist tightened around me at the same time that his eyes shut. I watched his face, noting his clenched jaw and flared nostrils as he breathed in and out as if calming himself down.

We laid there for several moments. Beneath my touch resting on his chest, I could feel his heartbeat slowing from its rapid pulsing of when he first startled himself awake. After a minute or so, his breathing had calmed completely and the rhythm of his heart was back to normal.

He'd opened his eyes but trained them on the ceiling instead of me, even as I continued to gaze up at him with my chin resting on the rise of his pecks. A few more moments of shared quiet between us, he spoke in a deep voice still filtered with sleep.

"I had a dream."

"Seems more like a nightmare."

He paused for a beat.

"It was."

Something in me knew not to ask because I wouldn't like the answer, but I ignored it. "What was it about?"

Blake sighed audibly and I took a second to miss the action that he did so often. It was the strangest things that I would miss about him once I was gone.

"You and I were at this lake that I remember from when I was a kid. We were just... talking and being. And then you said you wanted to go swimming in the lake. I told you I didn't think it was safe but you didn't listen."


"So you jumped in and went under the water and... I couldn't find you. I was calling for you and reaching under the surface for your hand but there was nothing. You were just gone."

I was right. I didn't like the answer. His nightmare was indicative of our reality and we both knew it.

Lying there in bed together with our souls as intertwined as our bodies, I knew this was the last time we would ever be like this. Last night was our last night together... Ever. Blake thought we had another day before we had to say our goodbyes but he didn't know about the sale Claudia made yesterday.

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