Sari Sarki- Undertale/Deltarune OC

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(I know her soul color is purple and it's supposed to these colors: 💙💚 but I'm too lazy to change it.)


Route: Pacifist 

Marks or scars: She also has marks and birthmarks around her body too and some of them are blue. They can turn a darker color of her skin tone, they can change to blue or red or orange. When they turn to blue or orange or red, it's because she is using her powers. 

Name: Sari Sarki (test subject name: 1R-A5)

Nicknames: Poseidon, Ho-musubi, Kagu-tsuchi (those are god names and they call her that because she controls 2 elements, water and fire), Blue, Thin, The Fragile One, Black-blooded, Snowblue, Glass Child


Personality: Sad and kind, she will do some of her friends chores to feel appreciated

Soul: Kindness and patience, so half of them is a separate color. 💙💚

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Asexual (she used to be straight but not anymore because her crush shattered her feelings)

💙 (👈 that means what she loves or likes): Sushi, Her friends (she fell into the underground and everyone is her friend. Except Chara) Alone time, her family

💔 (👈 that means what she hates or dislikes): perverts, more sadness, murder, bullying, SHE HATES, HATES LUST SANS, THE TESTING LAB (I will explain that to you on the "More info:" thing)

Abilities: she consists of 2 elements: Fire and water, she can sprout water wings or fire wings out of her back but it depends on her mood. She can only use them for a short period of time (7-10 seconds because she's really weak), if she has enough courage and hope she can use them longer, she can control those 2 elements (like lapis lazuli) she can also turn into fire and water

Family: Andrew (father), Sara (mother but she's deceased), Zari (twin sister and she's a test subject as well but she is not fragile like her twin. And she is 2 minutes older than her), Ari Luka (the cutest little brother she has ever had. He is not fragile like Sari though.) Samantha (a hybrid of a human and a wolf, she is adopted. Everyone in the family loves her, she has some nicknames: Sami, Sams, Sam Sam, or SAMSung,) Sage (an older brother who ran away somewhere but idk where, I'll come up with something later lol)

                           More info:

 She is a test subject and she's very fragile. Punch her in the eye. *splat* Black blood squirts every where. If you slap her she will cough up blood, she is super fragile. She has been tested for 13 years and she was tested on when she was 3 years old (oh nu).

 And YES. She was born naturally. She wasn't made from metal, clay or whatever. 

 Later on, she had an idea. She and her siblings are going to escape the lab and live somewhere else. But they had to be quiet and quick. They packed all their stuff to go: Plushies, a few pictures, food, THE TV LOL, etc. But her plan didn't go as planned.

                 They had to remove their location scanner chips

 Sari had her's on the back of her neck. Luka had his on his hand. Zari had her's in her calf.

 They had to do chip removal surgery. Oh noooooo.

 They did it outside so their father wouldn't know. Sari was not a chicken to to be the first to get her chip out. Zari was not a chicken too, she volunteered to remove the chip. After that, Luka heard their father coming. They quickly removed the chip and put all the stuff back quickly and quietly.

 The next day, it was Ari's turn, then it was Zari's turn. After that, they escaped at midnight. Their scientist father was sleeping peacefully while the test subjects were on the lam. 

 But, it went a bit wrong. 

 They were chained in chairs so them wouldn't escape. Their father needed to check their mental health, Sari was depressed, TOO depressed. Her father left her there and the rest were ok. Sari had to stay in a dark room chained to a chair, the mad dad had to inject her some things into her. High pitched screams and sobs can be heard all over the lab. 

 Sari was like a little girl. Pure, and a bit innocent.

 She couldn't escape, she couldn't see, she couldn't sleep, she was really tired, she also needed to leave this hell. (Also her father accidentally punched her eyes and she had to wear bandages around her eyes.)

But then her siblings came in to save her. Then they went on the lam. Also they broke out of their glass rooms and an alarm went off. 

 They ran as fast as they could. Sari had to be carried by her twin because the branches poked and stabbed her feet and she couldn't see.

The guards went to catch the father's 3 children. Soon, the 3 siblings had to split up, but Ari went with Zari and Sari had to go alone. 

Sari found a great hiding hiding spot in a tree. Even though she couldn't see, she can still persevere and survive. She slept in the tree and waited until sunrise.

  When Sari woke up, she tripped and fell into a underground and her fall was really painful. Even though there were flowers to break her fall. (She had a feeling that her siblings went here.) AND, that's where her adventure/journey had begun. 

 Her goal was to find her siblings. 

(After a few weeks, her eyes regenerate back and she can see. Yay.)

A/N: ok I'm fucking tired, I've been working for this for weeks, if you have any questions about my oc, go ahead and ask em'.

Also she is older in Deltarune, she's about, 37 years old and she's the biological mother of Kris. And the biological mother of Solaris.

Sari and Sans did not have a good relationship together (no not a lovey govey one..). Sans thought she was dangerous and evil. Soon when Solaris became 5, Sari and Sans made up and became allies.

And uh I guess that's it-

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