Chapter 5 - The opinion of our fellow man

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Chapter 5 – The opinion of our fellow man.

“So are you going to tell me your name yet.” Isaac asked as he smoothly sat down in the chair next to Kayla.

She stared at him blankly for a long moment. Her shock at seeing him anywhere nearby when she rejected him yesterday was obvious to the world. She had thought that Isaac would put her demands into the too hard basket and walk away, but he hadn’t.

She had watched his treatment of other girls over the years and it had never been pleasant. He was never outright mean to them but it seemed that once he was done there was no going back. It made her wonder why she had such a crush on him for so long when he could be such a jerk.

It was the other reason she sat staring at him, having disbelief warring desperately with hope. He never chased girls and yet he had been rather persistently following her around and trying to get her attention for days now. She just wasn’t sure if she could trust him.

The last thing she wanted was to watch him walking away when she decided to let her heart become even more attached. It was why she had mentioned the fortnight as a test yesterday. She knew how short his relationships lasted before he seemed to get bored.

She knew he would get bored with her; after all, she wasn’t anything like the girls he normally dated. She didn’t want to be a cheerleader, she was happiest when quietly reading. Partying seemed like a waste of her study time and football was nothing but a deadly sport where players seemed to be injured a lot. They had nothing in common.

It didn’t once stop her heart from insisting that his attention was wonderful. That to look in those dark blue eyes was something she had always dreamed of but knew could never happen. She was hooked and she knew it, as long as he didn’t find out, she would be just fine.

“So are you?” Isaac persistent voice penetrated her daydreaming mind.

“Sorry what?” She asked sounding like an imbecile.

“Are you going to tell me your name?” He asked with an amused tilt to his grin.

“I’ll tell you in a fortnight.” She answered simply before deliberately focusing on the teacher.

“I can be patient you know.” Isaac whispered as he leaned down to her ear. She shivered and shifted her chair further away from his.

“I’ll wait and see.” She whispered back.

All throughout the class, she felt butterflies fill her chest at every movement he made. When she dropped her pen from her nervous fingers, he leaned down to pick it up for her. With a kiss to the back of her hand, he returned it making those butterflies stir crazily inside of her.

As usual, the bell rang and this time Isaac picked up her bag when she had finished packing. She sent him a questioning look that he didn’t answer. He walked her to her next class before handing back her bag. That darn hope inside of her grew to fill her to the brim.

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