Chapter 26: Blue

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Things aren't the way they once were, everything stays right where I left it, everything stays but it still changes.

Natsu is missing as usual but, he's never been missing for this long. Aki, after what happened in the garden he disappeared, I tried asking about if anyone knew where Aki was but each time I ask a fellow classmate or teacher, they always pointed at the thin air.

I never understood where the two has gone, just what is going on?

"Senpai~!" Before I had the chance to react I felt a pair of thin arms wraps around my waist, "Woah! Haru!" I loosened the weak lock, "stop tackling me out of nowhere like that!" I sighed as I watch the cute male stuck out a tongue trying to act cute, "sowwyy~" he apologizes, "are you ready for the festival!!" He says with excitement.

I nodded, "yeah, my class has already completed most of the preparations, it was pretty damn hard to book the theatre since there are other classes and clubs that want to book it too, but luckily we were able to get a good time slot around the afternoon." I said proudly.

"That's great~," he said cheerfully.

"Hey, since the festival is next week, how about we spend some time alone, like a date?" He said with a mischievous smirk, "a date?" Haru feverishly nodded.

I have never been on a date before so I'm not sure what to say.

"S-sure I guess," I stuttered as I rubbed the back of my head, overflowing with happiness, flowers were practically around him to express how happy he was.

"Great! After your show at noon, we'll go on our date afterwards! Oh! But don't tell Ken about this!" I looked at him oddly, "why not?" I questioned, "just because~~" I looked at him rather confused.

"Anyway remember our date okay!" I nodded as I watch him skipped away as I wave him goodbye.

I looked at the grand clock which is meant to be decoration for the hallway but I mostly prefer to use it to check the time, I noticed it was 5 minutes before the next lesson so I was quick to make my way to my next lesson by running- I lied, this is a fantasy book, go to hell stairs!! As I teleported to my desk.

The lessons passed on pretty quickly which was a bit boring since we have already gone through this subject but for revision sake, we went through it again.

As soon lesson was over the class started to buzz about the festival coming for they all have their parts to do and just like them, I have to do mine.

"You want me to make a new song?" The class leader nodded as she handed me a couple of blank music sheets, "the whole class agreed it would be pretty boring if you sang Amazing Grace so we were hoping if you could make a new song before the festival!" She said with glee.

I-Is she crazy?? The festival is literally in a week time and she wants me to make a new song?!

As I was about to open my mouth to reject the idea--








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