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"So what is all of this Clay stuff? Why are you guys always confronting him?" I asked Justin and Zach as we were sat in a science class.

"Look, we are just worried that he is not gonna keep the tapes quiet like the rest of us" Justin tried to explain.

"He already got revenge on Tyler by sending out that picture, we don't want him to do shit like that to us" Zach said softly looking into my eyes. I sighed deeply before replying.

"Fine. What can I do to help" Zach smiled patting my hand that was under the table.

"Just keep it on the down low for now but keep an eye out for Clay are sure he's not doing anything odd" Justin said.

I nodded by head as the bell rang before collecting my stuff and walking to the lunch room with Zach. "Everything is just so fucked up. The tapes, my dad and all of the lies. It's just so hard sometimes Zach.

"Hey" he started stopping me by grabbing my shoulders and turning me to him in the middle of the hallway "Whatever you are going through, let me help. I will always be here for you Tash, you're my best friend" I smiled my eyes lightly watering. He brought me into a hug his head resting on top of mine considering how much smaller I was to him. "Come on, let's go eat"

We walked into the lunch room and found a table with Jess and Marcus. "I don't know what Justin's going to do. He says he wants to shut Clay down" Jess shakes her head looking at us.

Marcus scoffs loudly looking up from his phone "We already tried that"

"Clay must have listened to his tape" I said leaning forward from my place next to Marcus.

"Yeah like I said, once he listens to his tape everything changes" Zach replied looking at me from across the table. I coughed quietly before picking up my fork and eating some of my salad before grimacing and stealing Zach's bag of chips smirking slightly at him. They taste much better than leaves. 

"He hasn't listened to his tape. He just heard Tyler's. He didn't say anything about Jessica's party" Marcus explained. Jessica and I looked at each other quickly but I looked away down at my tray. 

"But when he does he will probably believe Hannah. He won't know that she's lying" Jessica said looking down. Marcus and Zach made quick eye contact as Zach took Natasha's hand from across the table giving it a light squeeze. She smiled at him before taking her hand back to finish her chips.

"Clay's mum came to see Bolan" Courtney appeared sitting next to Zach.

"What? Why?" I asked looking at her.

"What else would it be?" She replied taking out her lunch bag.

"Clay wouldn't tell his mom about the tapes" Jessica added.

"Why not? He wasn't shy about Tyler" Marcus intercepted.

"That would be so messed up if he told his mom" Zach thought.


I was driving in the car with Alex, Justin and Zach when Alex quickly pulled in front of someone. I was sat in the back on my phone whilst the guys had a conversation with who I found out was actually Clay. "Come one dude, i'll take you home" Alex said hopping out of the car. Everyone eventually got in the car Alex driving, Clay in the passenger seat and Zach, Justin and I cramped in the back. Me in the middle of course. We drove until t got dark and Alex stopped in the middle of a random road.

"What are you guys doing?" Clay asked. No one said anything as Alex changed gear and started speeding down the road I instantly grabbed on the persons leg beside scared of how fast we were going. Zach chuckled grabbing onto my hand. "Yo, Alex"

Justin leaned forward in his seat to go up to Clays ear "We know what you did to Courtney" He said. Alex was nearing 80 mph which is pretty damn fast if you ask me.

Clay ignored Justin more worried about the crazy speed the car was going at "Yo, Alex, slow down" Alex, of course, did not slow down.

"You know you really gotta stop fucking with people Clay" Justin continued

Once again Justin was ignored "Alex, just slow down" He looked to the boy pleadingly "Okay, I will, I'll stop" Clay rushed finally giving in "Just slow down. I'll stop!" He shouted.

"Okay okay, ease up we're good" Justin smiled.

Zach's hand tightened around my "Alex, I think he gets it. Slow down" He shouted getting worried for the speed we were going at.

"What the hell dude, slow down" I shouted at him. A police car started driving behind us making all of us even more tense.

"Oh shit, Alex man just slow the fuck down" Justin huffed looking out the back window.

Alex finally slowed down coming to a stop on the side of the road. We waited in silence for the police officer to come up to the window. Alex then calmly turned to Clay "Ever been to jail before?" When no one answered he nodded his head slightly before rolling down the window. 

"Okay, you boys wanna tell me why you're doing a 90 in a 40?" The officer asked us.

"We were just out for a ride" Alex explained lamely.

"We're sorry officer" Justin added to try and help the situation.

"Yeah well you know I could but you for reckless driving. You know how much that ticket would be? Fie hundred dollars and three points on your license. You want that?"

"No, sir"

"I suggest you drop your friends off and get you ass home in time for dinner" The officer answered making Justin, Zach and I look at each other very confused by what was happening.

"Alright. Will you be home in time?" Alex asked.

"Tell mom to save me a plate. And stick to the speed limit kid, next time i'll ticket you" The officer started to walk away before he hit Alex on the shoulder and told him to put his seatbelt on.

"Night, dad" Alex replied doing what he was told. Once Alex's dad had walked away the three of us started to laugh in disbelief.

"No shit! Your dads a cop?" Zach asked. Alex replied with a chaste 'yep' not looking amused by the situation at all. Justin off on one about how they were bullet proof or something stupid like hat as I leaned forward and rested my hand on Alex's shoulder to make sure he was ok. He smiled slightly before squeezing my hand and starting the car.

At least we got out of that one. I guess.

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