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The pain of her death would be enough to traumatizes any living soul for a life time. No matter how brave you are, something will always be there to tear you down. Whether it's as big as a whale, or small as a mouse. It will always exists.

-[(Y/N) POV]-

I yanked myself up in a sitting position and gasped for air, my lungs aching in pain and desperate for oxygen. I was shaking like a leaf from it all, like how the hell can you recover from that? The pain in my legs and lower abdomen was still there, well, not as strong as before, but it was still there. I couldn't get my head around it.

Fire, Blood, screams and the smell of burning flesh stung my nostrils.

It was all so horrible. And nobody was there to help me.
It hurt so much. It burnt trough my skin, trough my flesh, all the way to my bone. And all I could do was scream bloody murder.
I closed my eyes and buried my head in my hands, trying my best to calm down. But dying like that was so painful.

But, why am I breathing right now?

I looked back up from my hands, my mind filling with confusion. I was dead a few seconds ago, wasn't I? I mean, I didn't see the cliché light in the end of a tunnel. Or get carried away by the grim reaper. It was just dark and cold for a second, and then the feeling off falling came.
Maybe it was just some freak hallucination form a failed herb potion I made. If I'd die, I would be greeted by god, right? So it must mean that I'm still alive and healthy.
Yeah, that's most likely right.
I mean, who would come back from the dead? Not humans. That's for sure...
But why was the pain so real?

I felt like puking from the thought of it all. Wrapping my arms around my legs, I hugged them closely to my chest as if they would just wither away at any given moment. Or even just dissolve into ash.
Just thinking about it made her cringe, it felt like some kind of savage torture. It was like something was chewing at my legs, and taking their sweet time while doing it. But it was reassuring to feel my skinny, silk covered legs still there.

Wait a second.
I don't remember wearing pants..?

I looked down, to see a pair of unfamiliar legs. They were longer, thinner and beyond weird. My cubby and round legs, were basically turned into sticks at this point. But it they fit so perfectly in a pair of dark brown pants.

But this discovery didn't really help, it only raised more questions in my opinion. Like, where are my legs, what happened, where's my dress, and so on.

It also did a great job at freaking me the hell out. I snapped my head up in a panic, looking around the place for answers, or someone to at least help me.
But I was met with a bomb of pinks, reds, and other bright neon colors. I squinted my eyes, and studied my surroundings.
I seemed to be in some kind of rundown alleyway, it had empty booze bottles, blood splatter, and other Unholy things that I'd rather not mention covering the ground. And funny looking posters stuck on the walls, with cracks here a there, and the occasional gun shot hole implanted into the hardened clay.
But one thing that I found bizarre, was the fact that it looked like it was stuck between time zones. There were things that seemed decades old, and things that were hardly introduced to the world.
Though, the eyes that were decorated the place were only creepy.

I could see movement at the entrance of the alley. Although, they weren't people, they looked more like monsters.
Different shapes and sizes. Animalistic, and humanoid. They all looked different from each other. But they did fit this place perfectly, their bright colors blending nicely with the esthetic. But this only terrified me more, who wouldn't be terrified of a world filled with monsters. Did I get transported to some kind of world filled with nightmares. Some kind of realm, filled with sin and horror. Some type of.....hell.

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