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Everything hurts...

What did I do to deserve this..?

Tied to a post, with a giant bonfire made beneath her. Smoke was surrounding her, and the small ambers that used to fascinate her, were only a cruel reminder of her situation. She felt the fire eat at her body as her lungs gaped after oxygen, but only received the bitter taste of smoke in return. She was pleading for help, for anyone to be merciful enough to put out the fire. But her screams fell upon deaf ears, for the people around her were only staring, enjoying this sickening show of torture. They all thought she deserved this.
She was "hell spawn" according to the priests.

Even her own family was staring, doing nothing to help.

Her mother was only weeping tears of disappointment, she had worked so hard to build her into a proper lady, but that will be all cast away, and the only things left of her will be ash and smoke.
All because her precious little daughter dabbled in "satanic rituals".

Her brothers and sisters were all so confused. Her youngest boy in the family was tugging at moms dress, asking "why is sister crying" and such. Her little sister was hugging her second younger brother for comfort, and wiping her tears on his shirt. Whilst her brother stood and silently cried to himself.

Her dad was glaring at her. He showed only anger and disgust in his eyes. He was the one who ratted her out.
But that doesn't matter anymore.
She'd be dead soon.
All because of these people around her, that judged her so unfairly.
She didn't even use witchcraft for to carry out the devils bidding, she used it to benefit the village.
She help them receive a great harvest.
She cured the sickened.
Made children laugh and smile.
Fixed their problems.
She did all of this for them, and this is the thanks she gets.

Was the only thing she could say about this situation.
It was despairing, sickening, painful and inhuman.

She got a first class ticket for a accurate simulation of how it's like to be roasted alive. And it was truly the most painful thing she has ever felt, or will ever feel.
Her blood was fizzling down the remains of her legs, as muscles and flesh made weird noises whilst her skin slowly changed color.
Her soft (s/c) skin changed to a deep blood red color, to dark brown, to roasted black.

It would only be a matter of seconds before her entire body would be engulfed by fire.
And her lungs filled to the brim with smoke.

She was actually going to die. There were no loopholes, no escapes, or anything. She was stuck in place, forced to live out this torture until she let out her final breath.

Her eyes were foggy at this point, both from crying and the pain. She didn't stop screaming though. She continued, but nobody wanted helped her.

She's a witch, after all.
Their made from the devil.
She must be evil then.

And as her lungs filled with smoke, her eyes fluttered close as she fell unconscious.

In 1803, May 5th.

At the age of 15.

(Y/n) (L/n) died from suffocation.

You look like the demon above, just not the same clothes.

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