Chapter 5~

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Regular POV
"H-Hey!" Says Erza. Lucy says nothing to Natsu.
"Sup flame Ass!" Gray said with a sly grin on his face. Natsu just glared at him.
"I'm just gonna go!" Lucy said looking away. Lucy got up and right before she could walk away she felt someone grab her wrist. She turned around and looked at Natsu
"Let go of me.." Lucy said
"What's wrong Luce?" He says concerned
"It's noting Natsu." Lucy says trying to get out of Natsu grip but it only made it tighter.
"Tell me what's wrong!" He demanded
"ITS NOTHING NATSU!" Lucy says managing to get the whole guilds attention.
Lucy's POV
"NOTHING NATSU!" I yell managing to get the whole guilds attention. This seemed to annoy him so his hand lit on fire. It didn't hurt as bad as I expected it to. It put out the fire and yelled again "TELL ME WHATS WRONG LUCE!" I didn't feel a thing all I simply say nothing and got my wrist out of his grip and then I walked out of the guild. I ran all the way home ready to leave magnolia. When I got to my apartment I packed everything I owned. I left a note for anyone that came to my apartment. I ran to the train station and didn't care where I was going. I bought the train ticket got on the train and watched magnolia slip from my eye sight.
Natsu's POV
I watched as Lucy walked out of the guild. I was tempted to chase after her but I didn't want anything bad to happen. Hear scent still lingered in the air. I couldn't get enough of it. Ever since the beginning of mating season Lucy's scent has become stronger. I couldn't get enough of it. All I wanted to do was be around her. Her scent was like a drug to me. I always wanted it. When I got home I didn't have much to do. So because I don't know much about matting season I decided that it would would be a good idea to search up. I clicked on what popped up. It says that when you find a mate you:
* their scent becomes stronger
* you always wanna be around them
* you get more protective over them

1 year later
Natsu's POV
It's been a year since Lucy has left the guild. I miss her so much. Everyone else has gone back to normal but I still wait for the day when she comes back to the guild... to us... to me. Me and Lisanna have been dating for a few months now but I just don't feel anything between us. She keeps talk about the mating thing. I don't wanna mate with her. I'd just be lying to her and myself. So anytime she wants to mate I blow her off or make up an excuse. I hate lying to her but I don't wanna break her heart. I got the table where Erza and gray are sitting at. They were about to leave to go on a mission so I asked if I could go with. They said yes thankfully. I was so happy to get a break from Lisanna for a few days. The mission was to defeat a monster. "Guys hurry up!" Erza yelled as we approached the train station. "Look it's your favorite place flame brain!" Gray said laughing. "Haha very funny ice prick." I said sarcastically. We got on the train and before the 3 hour train ride starts I feel nauseous.
Lucy's POV
I'm doing laundry when I feel the ground shake. *what was that?* I think worriedly. "Rachel! Are you okay?" I yell running up stairs to see her sound a sleep with an open book next to her. I smile slightly and go outside to see if that's where the sound came from. And there it is the monster that hasn't left us alone in a year. I run out to forest as fast I could. I shout calling my celestial spirits. " OPEN THE GATE OF THE GOLDEN BULL! TORUS!" Torus appears "Mmmmiss luuucy! You're looking as good as usual!" Torus says. "Mmmiss Lucy can I have a smmmmooch?" He asked. "If you make this mister see stars I'll consider it." "OPEN GATE OF THE MAIDEN! VIRGO!" I yell and Virgo appears. "Is it punishment time Princess?"  "No Virgo!" "Attack this beast." "Yes Princess" and together we fight the beast.
Natsu's POV
When the train ride is over I run out the train pushing everyone out of the way. I kiss the ground thankful to be on the ground. I smell I scent. I ignore it at first and than I can't help it. It's all I can smell. I get smacked in the back of the head bringing back to reality. When we get to where to monster is the job is already done. We hear cheering coming from the town. We follow the sound and it lead us the to town and there I saw her... Lucy Heartfilia.

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