"I've sent the wine up to your room. Let's go. There is a nightclub here that I really like." He said, reaching out a hand. She took it, and he yanked her flush against him, pulling her arm up and around his neck, his hand sliding down the length of it, down her side and resting on her hip. Little shots of pleasure ruptured through her and she closed her eyes, a small gasp making its way out. They swayed softly together, and he kissed her upturned lips lightly.

"I want to see you dance." He ground out, and she opened her eyes to see his fierce and full of arousal. The butterflies in her stomach at that point were having heart attacks, and her bones were melting into a puddle.

She took in a breath, steadied herself and the last of her reservations left, the buzz from him intoxicating. She quirked her own eyebrow back at him, moving her hips against his.

"Then let's go." She purred, as seductively as possible.

"You should come with a warning." He uttered hoarsely before kissing her again. "You are going to set me on fire before the night is through."


The bass was pounding through his chest, but part of it was the woman in front of him, sending his senses into overdrive. She was dancing, her arms up, her eyes closed, completely taken over by the heavy dance music. She opened her eyes on him, the look of "fuck me" very direct and very, very hot. He was going to hell for what he was thinking of doing to her later. Or sooner. If she kept dancing like that he was going to caveman drag her back to her room.

She had pulled him out onto the dance floor the moment they got into the club, her eyes lighting up, laughter bubbling out of them both, and they had stayed there. The firecracker, at that point, went off, and he felt it as he let the beat take over for a bit and just enjoy her body as it moved.

She angled over to him, slid up as far as she could, then ran her hands up her body as she backed up again, her eyes boring into him. He stopped breathing. Jesus. Ok, that was all it took to make him painfully rock hard. He couldn't wait any more.

He grabbed her hand, spun her, and then gathered her up against him, moving with her, his head bent so he could hover over her lips. He wanted more. He wanted to feel her wrapped around him, he wanted to taste her. He'd never been so forward with a woman, and with one shake of her hips he'd seemingly lost all ability to be a gentleman.

"I want you naked, and under me." He murmured, ghosting his lips over her mouth to her ear. She shivered, and she let her head hang back, exposing her neck. He brushed his lips there too, still moving with the beat. He could have taken her right there, on the dance floor, he was so riled up.

"Now." He added, and she nodded, brushing her leg over his crotch. His cock twitched as she did, and a wicked look stole over her face.

"Yes." She uttered, and he did practically drag her out of the club, caveman style.


Gretchen threw the plastic key card on the little side table as they crashed through the door to her suite, feeling him kick back to close the door. It slammed, and they stutter-stepped into the foyer of the suite, his hands roaming everywhere at once.

He pushed her up against a wall, kissing her hard, possessing her mouth and she responded, growling, the ache in her middle to have him inside her almost unbearable. She launched her shoes, and they skidded along the tile floor, forgotten as he picked her up, hands under her as he strode towards the bed.

"Fuck, you are hot as hell." he rasped, his hands on her back. "Get out of this damned dress so I can see all of you."

She laughed as he dropped her onto the bed. She reached around back and undid the low zipper, biting her lip, and he growled as it slid off a shoulder. His hair was ruffled in all directions, a shadow of stubble across his jaw, and his muscles flexed as he lifted his shirt and undershirt off his head in one swift movement. His chest and abdomen were taut and rippled, like out of a magazine, dangerous and dark. He was perfect. Beautiful. She stilled a moment to drink it all in. He stopped, sensing her.

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