Chapter 7

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Gretchen sat back, swirling a big glass of red in her hand, watching Josh's face as he tasted the same wine in his. "This is really good." He muttered, and raised his eyebrows as he placed the glass back to the table. "Tastes very expensive."

"Not really. Part of my job is finding the best wines for the best price. Hidden gems, under-rated wineries, that sort of thing. I buy for restaurant groups. Value for bottle is super important."

Their eyes met and again, the heat hit her. She knew so much about him already, but now, all of the trivia and MLB bio information had come to life, fleshing him out. He was this incredible person, basically climbing the ranks by himself, the typical ball player story of parents pushing from behind absent from his. She admired him for his perseverance in the face of being alone, without family support to guide him. That he was a good person on top of everything else was icing on the cake. He was a total package, this guy.

Their meals sat in front of them, half-forgotten as they had spent most of the evening in conversation. She couldn't have eaten much anyways, her nerves shot to hell in anticipation.

"So if I pick a bottle to go, what would your recommendation be?" he said, and opened the wine list book. "Red, or white? If you were to blow a boatload on a bottle, what would you buy?"

She saw the twinkle in his eye and swallowed nervously. A thought of drinking wine with him, in bed, or surrounded by fragrant bubbles in the massive tub in her suite was making those damned butterflies lose their collective minds.

"Well, what about champagne?" she suggested. "Or a really nice, deep red, like a Zinfandel. That is a lovely varietal to sip by the fire."

His eyebrow had quirked and he leaned across the table and brushed a knuckle over her cheek. "Or other activities, I think."

Holy Hell. She wanted to grab the lapels on his shirt and yank him over the table. She had never been so turned on in her life. She cleared her throat and bowed her head, positive it was showing.

"Or other activities, yes."

Josh was waving at the waiter, making a signal for the cheque, and within minutes, he had a very expensive and rare bottle of the varietal she had mentioned under his arm, and they were headed back towards the Luxor. They took an elevator down to the main concourse level, his hand on her back, warm and solid. If not for the three other couples in the space, she would have reached for him and kissed him senseless.

"So, Gretchen Harper, do you like to dance?" he asked as they were walking briskly through the casino towards the lobby of the hotel. She was having to hoof it to keep up with him, her shoes clicking as they hit the tile of the lobby. Her legs, and her stiletto heels were no match for his long, ground eating stride.

"I enjoy it, yes." She replied, breathless, "But I haven't done that in-"

He stopped and a smile stole over his face. He caught her up with one arm and lowered his lips to her ear. She shivered, her entire body wanting to plaster itself to him and never detach. She could feel his breath, the heat from him, and she put her arm around him to steady herself.

"Wait here." He whispered huskily.

He strode off, and she did as she was told, her entire body thrumming. The wine at dinner, paired with the sex appeal of that man was making her head swim and she looked for a bench, or a chair. She swayed over to the edge of a column, and perched on the lip of the wainscoting.

As he walked back, the way he exuded confidence caught her. She had never done anything like this before, or would again, likely, so she made a decision to let herself go and enjoy the ride, stop worrying about what was going to happen and just let it. While in Vegas, right? If nothing else, it would be one crazy story to tell Sharla tomorrow, and something to savour when this trip was over and she had to return to being dependable, boring Gretchen.

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