Fade - Chapter 7

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{Start flashback}

"It's time to wake up, young master.

Ciel's blackened nails peak above the surface of the sheets as he wakes easily, opening his eyes and reaching for the eyepatch on the night-stand. Sebastian's nimble fingers cover the empty teapot with the china lid, and as he begins to dress the Earl in black, his expression is one of anger and sadness.

Sebastian ties Ciel's tie, his fingers lingering along the edge of the ribbon.

"Would you prefer to make it even tighter?"

Sebastian's pause is relevant as he stares at the boy's socked feet.


Sebastian begins to prepare the non-existent tea.

"I've prepared your tea, master. This morning we have Moon Drop."

Sebastian hands the empty teacup to the Phantomhive.

"What's my schedule for today?"

"It's open."

Ciel smells the soul-less tea, it's aroma imaginary and dark.

"Smells quite nice."

And then he sips from the cup as Sebastian buttons up his shoes.

A knock sounds on the wooden door.

"Come in."

Mei Rin cracks open the door and tentatively steps inside.

"Eh, pardon, master... it's lady Elizabeth. She's here, sir."

Ciel pushes past the maid, all empathy and awareness shattered like broken glass as he eerily walks past the treasured rings of his past.

"Excuse me."

"And as for today's schedule..."

his dark eyes sweep the room towards Sebastian as he steps through the doorway.

"I'll decide it."

{Pause flashback}

Ciel's dainty hands skillfully sweep across the blackened roses of his garden. Sebastian's anger he had displayed was not, in fact, directed towards the young demon, but instead towards the unjust way the conflict with the Trancy estate had been dissipated.

Ciel had mistook the concern and sadness that resounded in his butler's eyes as resentment, and the explanation of the misunderstanding came in a wordless quip of the tongue... with comforting whispers and affectionate gestures.

Ciel stares blankly at the roses of his garden as he stands; walking up the steps of his hellish manor.

{Resume flashback}


The wind is nearly knocked out of the boy by the unwanted hug, Elizabeth's arms wrapping firmly around him.

"I can't breathe."

Comes the ironic statement as she unhands him.

"I've missed you so! You shouldn't deprive a lady like that!"

She gasps.

"And just look at that horrid outfit! It's not cute at all! Plain black like that doesn't suit you one bit!"

"Oh... perhaps not."

Ciel smirks.

"Maybe I'll change, then. I have before."

Lizzie's confused gaze scans the boy.

"I don't understand what you mean... what is it, Ciel?" I'm confused."

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