Chapter 20: Torture

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feb 27, 2019

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The king and his son, Jeongin, were placed in a separate prison room while the brother were placed in the same one together.

Thinking that Jeongin would be somewhat as powerful as his father, the hunters restrained him well. His whole body is chained to a chair from neck to his ankles and also, both of his wrists and ankles are cuffed. It's already hurting the poor kid. He hasn't figured his shining child yet, he doesn't even know if he has one so he's practically powerless.

On the other hand, the king's cuffed and chained as well but they attached a metal ball weighing 1000 pounds to both of his hand and ankle cuffs.

For Younghyun and Jisung, it's not as crucial. Their wrists are cuffed behind the chair they're sitting on while their ankles are cuffed onto the front legs of the metal chair- separate chairs of course. They're facing each other which just makes the situation worse.

Nothing hurts more than seeing the one you love or someone important to you in pain.

Seungmin wants to act up and talk to Minho but he doesn't know how. He might put Jinwoo's life in danger and he doesn't want that. In fact, they should start hiding now since Minho might capture Jinwoo as well.

The hunters' way now isn't very mild anymore. They've learned a lot these past few months.

"We should leave," Seungmin told Jinwoo who's still fazed by what they just saw so he placed his hand on her shoulder, making her look at him. "I'll figure something out."

Bluff. He can't even think properly.

Jinwoo just nodded, understanding the situation. If she gets in trouble as well, she wouldn't be able to save Hyunjin and that's the last thing that she wants to happen now.

When Woojin was declared to be put on a hiatus, Minho became the president of the company since he's ranked first by the hunters' votes and now he's doing everything his way.

The two immediately left the company, careful not to be seen by Minho but of course, he'll eventually find out. Jackson saw them after all and there are CCTV cameras everywhere.

Plus, who knows what the man who stared dirtily at Jinwoo could have told the other hunters by now?

"We can't stay in Woojin's house. We're obviously not safe there anymore," Seungmin pointed out. Jinwoo nodded in agreement.

"But where are we supposed to stay now?" She asked. Seungmin looked as if all his hopes vanished in a second when those words left her mouth.

He has no idea.

"Let's go to some province?" Seungmin suggested, dubious of his words.

"How about to a different country?" Jinwoo slowly asked.

Seungmin stopped the car and stared at Jinwoo. "It's too risky..."

"Everything's too risky as of now..." Jinwoo sighed and just leaned back to the passenger's seat. "What's worse is that you're using your company's car. Are you just fucking stupid?"

"You came along with me! You have no right to talk mightily!" Seungmin protested, using his hand to point towards Jinwoo.

"Eyes on the road idiot."

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