Hey guys! I know a lot of you really hate me because of my lack of updating but I've had a lot going on in the past year so cut me some slack. I truely appologise, but its extremely rude of people to make comments about what I should do, how I should do it and so on. This site, is for entertainment. There is no rule or statement that says I have to update any story when people feel its been too long. I really am sorry, but I will be damned if I get anymore rude comments. I get how upsetting it is, but this story was left at a difficult turn. I have no idea where this plot is going, which is why I haven't updated in nearly two years. If you have some ideas I will gladly consider them and use them! But do NOT insult me on MY page. Like I said, this site is for entertainment. Its not a chore. I write because I love it. I express my feelings, fantasies, and true stories in my writings. I do feel extremely guilty about the wait, but I do not respect people who talk to me in a rude manner which isn't necessary!

I have written many drafts for you guys, and they aren't turning out the way I want. I'm sorry, once again, that it's taking so long. But like I said. This site is for entertainment purposes. It is not a duty. I do love and appreciate ALL OF YOU! Thank you for all of the support and love you've given me. But all I ask in return is to respect me, my stories, and my page. I take constructive criticism very well, and I like to hear all opinions (good and bad) but I do not take rudness very lightly. I hate to say it, but I will curse you out. So please, keep in mind of what you say.

Thank you :)

P.S- I know a lot of you guys are starting school (me included) how is it going?! If you need anyone to talk to about ANYTHING (I do mean it) Inbox me and I will definitely get back to you :) Good Luck!!!!

~Mia (DarkestFantasy)

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