Dedication and Prologue

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Hey Wattpad'ers! I am excited to share this excerpt - the first chapter - of my novel, Game Plan. Game Plan was published in November 2013 by Fierce Ink Press in Canada. My awesome publishers have agreed that giving you guys an intro to Game Plan is a good idea so here's the first chapter. I'm going to release it in parts, with a new part coming every Monday and Friday 'cause those are the days I get to play at my Passion Job instead of at my day job. 

I hope you like it! If you do, the rest of the story is available at all the big book retailers and some of the small ones, in ebook and paperback. 

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment or swinging by my profile here or my website:

 Happy Reading!


An eternal thank you to the Mama who shares my girl, for giving her a shot and giving us the piece that completes our family.


Ella wasn’t a reader. Novels often left the reader with unanswered questions, and she had enough uncertainty in real life. She sometimes enjoyed a book if it was a fast-paced, easy read, but she preferred flipping through her playbook. She had meticulously saved every handout, with the squiggles and arrows, X’s and O’s, and filed them away in a one-inch blue binder. In her playbook, where to start and where to end up was clearly laid out in black and white. Each play included contingencies for the unknowns. Real life didn’t work that way. Big events that defined her overlapped and collided with the smaller occasions in her life. She tried to identify events that might specify who she was, where she was going, where she would end up. She wished starting points were indicated with an arrow, like a street sign or a play-squiggle; something that would point her the right way. It would be easier to recognize the beginning of a play. But beginnings are easier to find in hindsight. Looking back, it was clear that hers started one warm day in September that seemed just like any other.

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