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Ian moved to the window in Sonora's room as soon as he heard a car enter the driveway.

"I swear," Sonora said, "how did you hear that?"

"Hearing is different up here but easier compared to an earful of water," he laughed. Peering out the window, Ian saw his father and took off running. He jumped down the stairs, three at a time, barely touching the wood banister.

"Ian!" Sonora followed behind him. He waved her on.

Ian met his father at the door, opening it and stepping back to let him in. His stomach shook in anticipation of what he would hear.

Jorah flashed Ian a triumphant look, the smile on his face growing. "It is done, my son! Your mission is completed."

Jorah pulled the vial from a pocket and clapped Ian on the shoulder. They both stared down at the item that had been foremost in their minds for decades.

"And these." Jorah pulled out the vials and DNA gun. A confused look from Ian encouraged Jorah to explain their use. "Would these not be helpful to the man who will be the Traveler?"

Excitement shone in Ian's eyes as he looked at the item that would save at least some Atlantians from a fiery death. From that, the race would grow into what he knew today. It was hard to comprehend that this DNA before him would soon be in his past.

Ian shook his head unable to believe it was done. He needed the confirmation. "Father, is it done then?"

"Not quite. The human imbeciles have used up almost all the cure. But Mako said she could create more if she had the original, and hopefully, there is enough for her to do so. I have sent two guards for her. She will have to rise from the sea, and she will not be happy about that." Jorah chuckled. "It has been a decades, if not centuries since she has done so."

Ian smiled. He could only imagine the scolding his father was going to receive. Mako was well-known for her fine scoldings. "I think it is time to call Nick Hartman."

Jorah agreed. "It is."

Ian pulled from his pocket the silver phone Vincent had given him and which he had carefully guarded. He looked up and punched in the number Vincent had shown him.

A man answered on the first ring. His voice was deep and steady, but quick as he spoke. "Hello?"

"I'm Ian. Vincent—"

"Yes. I'm ready."

Ian gave him the address to the Reeves house.

Nick said, "I'll be there in twenty" and hung up.

Ian took the phone from his ear and looked at it. Even though in the end Vincent had chosen the right side, he had spent much time on the wrong one. It had made Ian wonder what kind of man his brother would be.

As surprised as he was to admit it, the short conversation had inspired confidence and that was a good thing. The lives of every person he knew depended on Nick Hartman.

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