Chill time.

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Okay I have some more questions! Yea!

Okay I have some more questions! Yea!

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Okay for PrincelyEagle29

1. I prefer lunch. Is that a subject? ;)
( no actually, I like History. )

2. Umm.... hmm.... I have a lot of shoes but my favorite I can think of at this moment would be Raphael from TMNT 2012.

3. Uhh.... probably my KJV Bible. Second would be my pillow and blanket.

Now this set would be from siasiaisa

1. No, I'm not a fan of MLP. Sorry but if I did.... probably.... Tempest.

2. My would be Shadow759, RosytheRasel, and MilesTails7 these are my favorites.

3. Pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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