Chapter 2- Andrew

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Un, deux. Un, deux. Un, deux, he counted as his fists connected to the punching bag. The tension in his shoulders dissolved, his breathing becoming rhythmic. Maya had definitely given him a reason to be tense. His mentor had called in the middle of breakfast that morning, telling him to wait in their training room, which was the training room number 9. She said she had something important to tell him. He had spent the day waiting around, even skipping lunch. It was now 4 o'clock and Maya was nowhere to be seen.

He stopped, wiping the sweat off his forehead and moving the strands of his brown hair that had fallen onto his face. A large blue sparring mat took the center of the room. On the wall directly across from the entrance stood targets and shooting stalls and targets. He strolled over to the wheel cart in the corner of the room and picked up a water bottle he had left on it, next to a few knifes and disassembled guns.

"You're still here,"

He turned to see George, standing on the mat and observing him. He was average height with dark brown eyes and a big crooked nose. It had been broken multiple times in the past, no doubt. Andrew didn't understand what Maya had seen in him.

"I was waiting for Maya. She said she would meet me here."

"She won't."

Andrew fully turned. George always tried to provoke him. He was Maya's fiancé and trained Andrew when his mentor wasn't around but it wasn't a secret that they couldn't stand each other. It was childish of George to think of Andrew as a threat.

"Did something happen?" Maya was on a mission in Canada, tracking Majesty's units. For months, they've been trying to track that woman. Pretty much everyone in Phi wanted her dead. She's been taking their clients, killing their agents. "Did Majesty get to her?"

"Something like that."

Andrew checked George out. He stood with his arms down, his head high. His voice didn't give any indication of sadness or worry. If anything, he looked in control.

George stepped closer. "Starting today, I'll be your new mentor."

"What happened to Maya?" Andrew growled. George hated him for all 8 years since Andrew joined Phi. There was no way he would take him under his wing.

"I have a job for you."

"Where's Maya?" He wouldn't listen to a single word George said, until he knew what happened to her.

"She'll die if you don't shut up," George snapped.

"What did you do to her?" Andrew clenched his jaw.

George pulled up his sleeve, revealing a tattoo with the letter M. M for Maya, Andrew assumed. He stopped short once he noticed the intricate design of the letter. He had heard that it looked like that, sharp edges, blood red. It wasn't Maya.

"Majesty," Andrew said aloud. "You gave up your own fiancee to that psychotic woman?"

"She had her doubts about our job. I simply took her away from here for a while."

Andrew's heart stopped. "You killed her?"

"No," George pulled his sleeve down. "She could be useful."

Andrew took a step back, his breathing back to labored. He was taller and stronger than George but he didn't dare get physical with him. He wasn't known for being fair in a fight.

"Before you freak out like a little girl," George spat, tampering with a phone. He put it to his ear for a bit, before putting it on speaker. "Maya, I have Andrew here with me. Is there anything you want to tell him?"

"Andrew," his mentor's voice sounded from the phone. "I made a huge mistake. Whatever happens to me, don't do what he says. I—"

George muted the sound. "See? She's alive and well. Now let's talk business."

"I don't want to help you." Maya had saved his family, saved him, trained him and trained him to defend himself. Even if she joined Majesty, she saw it was the wrong thing to do. Andrew wasn't about to throw away everything she had taught him.

"What if I make you a proposition?" He looked into George's dark eyes as he spoke. "Join me or I will kill her. " Each word he said, made Andrew's stomach drop.

"No." He shook his head. "She wouldn't want me to do this."

George unmuted the phone. Andrew was expecting to hear Maya talking to him but his ears only picked up on one thing. Screaming. His insides twisted and he looked away as if the horror was right in front of him. "She's in pain, Agent Jackson. End it."


More screaming. Andrew gritted his teeth. He couldn't listen to her cries. "She trusted you," he said. "How could you do this to her?"

George laughed. "Maya told me about your brother and sister and about your poor mother. She also mentioned you dad is out of the picture. That true?"

The shock on Andrew's face must've given him away. "See, I know she killed your father," George continued. "But then she brought you here. Why do you think that is?"

Andrew didn't reply.

"It was all a plan. She'll find a kid, get him to come with her and use him when the time's right."

Andrew shook his head. "Maya loves me, you know that. That's why you hate me. She loves me more than you."

George scowled. "If I were you, I'd watch my mouth. One word from me and she's gone. But, if you help me," he trailed off.

Andrew wanted to slam his fist into George's face. If George dies, will Maya be safe? No guarantee. He let his shoulders drop.

"Do we have a deal, Agent Jackson?"

"Fine, fine. I'll do whatever you need. Just stop it."

George whispered something into the phone and then hung up. "That's more like it." He cleared his throat and wiped his hands against his pants like he had touched something disgusting. "Phi is bringing in someone to stop Majesty from getting new weapons."

"You want me to stop them? Kill them?"

"You'll help stop them, yes. But I have a much more important task for you."

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