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jk, its not anthem

just a small speech

Today is an 27th February, which is an national day of anti-bullying

i know i told you all that I will not post chaps like this in this book, and that I made Tags n rants book, but I just wanted to let out this here.

Pls dont be upset-

so lets go back in history of my bullying-

when I was 1st grade, nothing really happend bad, except of snarky mean comments of which race I was that was untill I get in 4th grade.

We had an Sunday Church special class, Religion, and I, being dumbass, didnt knew when we had the first day of it.

Second time, when we had it, I sat back bc I didnt knew where to seat.

Then, others began to be really, but really mean to me.

I had told my dad that, and he was so angry that he told my teacher, who was rlly angry at my class and she made a longggggggg speech.

Now here comes the 6th grade, which is the worst one.

I am  originally coming from Hrvatsko Zagorje, which is way up at northern south.

But we moved out to Istra, which is West and a bit where is East.

I wasnt the only one who that year came into new class.

Theere was a boy Anthony (who is my neighbour and rlly great friend) and girl Euphemia (who is a snarky evil itch).

The class werent really all friendly where all of three of us arrived.

I became friends with few girls who only wanted to be nice to me.

Anthony get along with others rlly easily and Euphemia girl was going with others too well (later i found out that she was kicked out of this school in 2nd grade and now she bacc)

while I, being awkward soical and anti social; didnt.

The second day, we got another girl called Ines who I and she became really great friends.

She wasnt Croatian  and she needed someone to speak English with her.

So yeah.

She was one of reasons why I started on drawing and being more social.

She also has big brother, Felix, who is like me: shy, and anxius.

So we became really great friends.

Untill one day.

I didnt tagged an artist on instagram, and she was so mad at me, accusing me for stealing art, which i didnt.

I didnt take that seriusly back then, I thought it was a silly cuz i didnt know what username did artist had so i didnt tag them.

But now i understand it, but still; it is not really great for calling someone mean names.

But we forgive eachother and became friends again.

The 6th grade was a pain, because of that girl Euphemia.

For some reason, she hated me, idk why.

I never did something terrible to someone.

But it did hurt.

When she called me meaner names on Facebook, aka cyberbullying.

She even threatend to come at my house and beat me to death and even my mother.

I couldnt sleep at night, i was so hurt, sad and confused.

I thought she will stop at some point.

Untill it got worser.

I eventually had enough of it and told the headmaster, who threaten has to ban her from school and called her dad for a big meeting.

Later she had broke her leg, which was great of 4 moths without her.

Oh and now you ask about my class, right?

They threw pencil cases at me like I was someone they need to make fun of.

I didnt tell no one.

I wanted to kill myself.

You may not imagine the pain, everyday.

and I hated when girls where making fun of my overweight, cuz I wasnt skinny like em-

and I didnt knew how to play voleyball, because we didnt do that in my previus school.

But one day, I had enough of it.

This girl, Laura, threw so much pencil cases at me and had treated me like I was some pile of trash, and I lost my temper.

I turned around, punched her and ran out from my class, in tears telling the headmisstres whole thing what had happend.

my whole class got a big detention that day, and they were told that they wont go to big trip that was planned from them.

They apologised and began to act kindly to me.

I felt much better untill the Ines girl were saying mean rumors against of me.

But I didnt rlly bother cuz her mum caught her doing that one day and demand her to apologise.

I few months ago, she contacted me on insta, and apologised.

Being the person I am, I accept it.

so today is anti-bullying day.

Whoever went into more worser shit then I was, I am truly sorry.

Please, do remember that bullying isnt game, it is something horrible.

It takes over 13 million lives away every year-

so please.

Dont let it happen

pls request for more chappies-

bye :)

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