Chapter 4: Meet Up

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Lucy's P.O.V

When I walk into the classroom immediately Levy comes up to me. Her face is happier than I've ever seen it. 

"Hey, Levy!" I greet her. "Lu, guess what! Wait, no, don't. I should tell you with the others." She said, half talking to herself. "O...kay" I said with confusion.


Levy runs straight to our friends and hastily sits down patting the seat next to me rapidly, gesturing for me to hurry up. I sit down and immediately Levy explodes. 

"I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!" She practically screams at the top of her lungs. "What?!" We all say in unison. 

"Yeah, he asked me yesterday!" Levy said sighing in that lovey-dovey way. 

"Wait, we didn't know you were dating someone." Erza said looking a little upset. Okay, more than a little.

"Well, I didn't want you girls to push anything..." Levy says bowing her head a little. 

"It's fine Levy, we get it, right girls?" I say glaring at our friends. 

"Oh, yeah" 

"Of course" 


"Really, thanks, guys!" Levy smiles. "Soo~, what's his name?" Mira asked excitedly. 

"Ga-mmhnb..." She mumbles something but no one could hear her. "Who?~" Mira says smirking a little. 

"Gajeel..." She says, her face beet red. "AAhhHAhhaaHhahAhhaAHhaaHh" We all screamed. "GAVY!!" Mira screams. 

"Guuuys...stop it" Her face rivaled that of Erza's hair. "Fine, fine." Erza says calming everyone down. 

"So can you invite him to sit with us tomorrow?" Cana asked, "I wanna meet him, I'm sure we all do." 

"U-uh, sure I-I guess I'll ask h-him." Levy stutters "YASSS" Cana and the girls start giggling and asking Levy stupid relationship questions but, I can't help but notice that Lisanna hasn't spoken a word. 

She was sitting on the end just staring at them. Before I could go talk to her the bell rang.

<><><>After School<><><>

Bold= Lucy    Italic= Natsu

Hi, wanna meet up and work on the project later?

No reply. 

1 hour later.

I guess. Where?

Finally. How about 8's Island?


Great. See you in 5.

 I put my phone away and take a deep breath. Okay, I'm going to meet Natsu. Should I bring a weapon? Nah, he couldn't take on two of my celestial spirits without magic, could he?  

I slip a small knife in an accessible pocket in my purse. I practice a few punches on my pillow and leave.

 I walk briskly to the coffee shop to find Natsu already in a booth. I take another deep breath and walk over to him. Sitting down on the opposite side of the booth, he doesn't even look at me, he just stares through the window.

I fake cough "Hello." I say. He looks at me and kinda...grunts? 

"U-uh sh-should we get st-started." I say nervously. This time he stares me straight in the eyes. 


I realize that I've never actually heard his voice before. It was husky yet smooth. He spoke with a rough tone, yet it was somehow gentle. "G-great. You w-wanna order f-food first?" I ask. 

Damn stutter. "I guess." I call over the waiter and once she sees  Natsu her eyes go wide. Are adults afraid of him too?

"Wh-what can I get for you?" She asks, clearly nervous. 

"Uh, I'll have the tossed salad with a glass of water." The waiter scribbles down my order than nervously looks at Natsu. 

"A-and you, s-sir?" "I'll have the spicy chicken wings, no drink." "Y-yes, sir." She says and walks away.

We sit there awkwardly for a while until finally, I break the silence. "So uh, Natsu, what's...your last name?" He raised an eyebrow.

"My last name?" "Well, I don't know, we're supposed to get to know each other so...." I say. "Dragneel." He says simply. 

"What?" "Natsu Dragneel. That's my name."

"" I say awkwardly. "Well, my name is Lucy Heartfilia." I say. 

"Ok" he replied giving me an I never asked you  kind of look. "Oh, would you look at the time! I have to go see you later!" I say and rush out of the restaurant.

Well, he didn't seem that bad. At least he talked to me. I mean he wasn't too friendly but he wasn't mean either. Sorta rude though.

<><>Next Day At Lunch<><>

"Ugh, anyone do anything at least somewhat  interesting?" Cana asks, very bored. 

"Well I-" I start. "YEAH, What is it?!" All the girls look at me excitedly. Guess they were really bored. "I'm partners with Natsu on a project." I say. They all go silent and stare at me.

"Natsu? " Levy asks worriedly. "Well, yeah. It's not like I had a choice though, we were the only two left." I explain. 

They all look extremely concerned. "Did he do anything to you? Are you ok?" Juvia asks. "No, he didn't do anything when we met up." I say. That was a mistake. 

"YOU GUYS MET UP?!?!" Cana yelled. "We had to. Mrs. Charle won't let us work on it in class." I say. "What's the project on? When's it due?" Levy asks. 

"Well...The assignment is to get to know each other. We have to make an album about the other person. It's due at the end of the year." I explain, watching all their eyes go wide. 

"Wait, so did you find anything out about him when you met up?" Mira asks. "Not really. I found out his last name and that's it." I sigh. "He's not much of a talker." 

"So what's his last name?" Lisanna asks. "Dragneel. He's Natsu Dragneel." I say. 

"That's all you found out?" Mira asks a little disappointed. "Well...he can eat spicy wings without drinking anything. Does that count?" I say. "That's boring." Cana said. 

"Are you sure you're ok?" Erza asked me worriedly. "You should be careful around him." She said in a serious tone.

"He doesn't seem like he's going to hurt me." I say, but her expression was worrying me. "Alright, if you think so." She said. 

They all kinda looked at me like they were worried about my health. Should I be as scared as they are? Is he just acting like he's not going to hurt me so I won't expect it? Should I trust my friends' judgment? Of course I should, they're looking out for me. UGH, life is hard.


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