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Our Ship Has To Sink
Han/n Scenario


I woke up, a few weeks after I debuted and practically, I'm the youngest in the group 'Boystory' and the only female member.

Then, I heard a buzz on my phone.. Then, I checked it,


Omgg S H I P!!! Han/n
Hanyu+Yn=Han/nIt has to sail!





"I ship Han/n!!!"- Minaaa_💕

"Omggg eewww a 10 year old X a 14 year old.. Doesn't match!!!" -Gacha_Bunny
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-💬Jinhee×JJ-"You're just jealous they're cute together!!!"

-💬Minaaa_💕-"If you don't like it.. Go away!!!"


-💬Billie_Eilishhh-"Go to hell! Don't you dare hurt my friend!"
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~💬Gacha_Bunny-"At least there's a special place for me in hell! And its called a throne 💥."
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~💬 Billie_Eilishhh-"Only if it EXistED  😉😂."
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-"Oooh ROasTeD 😂."


-"Take that @Gacha_Bunny!!"


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I was reading the comments and.. She was really roasted.


I was laughing at Nikee's comments and roasts on Gacha_Bunny it was really funny.

Until... Hanyu said,

Hanyu: That ship has to sink...

Yn: Whatever...

Then, he walked away while rolling his eyes.


Hanyu's P.O.V

I was walking around the park until I saw Yn with a boy...

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