The Return of the Pevensies

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"Are you sure you're 18?" Solider asked Edmund, looking up and down at him. 
"Why, do I look older?" Edmund replied to the solider, the soldier took his ID book. 
He sighed, hesitated to ask "Alberta Scrubb?" 
Edmund quickly replied "That's a typographical error, it's suppose to be Albert-A Scrubb" 
Lucy walked into the registration room holding a box off food, she sighed "Edmund!" 
Edmund quickly looked over at the door, she spoke again "You're suppose to be helping me with the groceries!" 
A man, not much taller than Edmund started laughing. "Better luck next time, Squirt!" The man messed up Edmund's hat, Edmund started walking out the building embarrassed but slightly mad. 
"Squirt? He barely had two years on me. I'm a king. I've fought wars, I've lead armies." Edmund spoke, helping Lucy.
"Not in this world!" Lucy replied.
"Yeah. Instead, I'm stuck here doing battle with Eustace Cleance Scrubb, If anyone deserves a name" Edmund said he looked up, only to see Lucy copying some other girl, she was putting her hair behind her ear. "What are you doing?"
"N--Nothing! Come on then!" Lucy turned her back to move the bike, she was upset. Edmund quickly glanced back to see what Lucy was looking at then followed his sister. 
"Dear diary, it is now day 253...since my wretched cousinsEdmund and Lucy invaded our house.Not sure how much longerI can cope living with them...having to share my things.If only one could treat relativeslike one treats insects...all my problems would be solved.I could simply put them in a jaror pin them to my wall." Eustace spoke in his mind as he wrote in his little diary. 
"I'm home! Hello!" Lucy shouted 
Eustace shot a quick glance near his door and started putting his diary in his sock and cleaning the sweet rubbish up. "Note to self, investigate legal ramifications...of impaling relatives."
"Hello Uncle Harold! I tried to find some carrots...but all they had were turnips again, should i start making soup Aunt Albert is on her way home" Lucy was taking off her jumper, she sighed "Uncle Harold?!" 
Edmund was sick of Uncle Harold's ignorance, he poked the tongues at him
"Father!" Eustace said, Edmund looked at the stairs "Edmund's making faces at you!" Eustace then decided to spit something at Edmund's neck through a small tube.
"Ah! Why you little!" Edmund said running to him
"Father! He's gonna hit me!" Eustace went to lay back on the stairs, scared.
"Edmund! Look!" Lucy held up a letter. "It's from Susan!" 
The two made their way up to Lucy's room, they shut the door, Edmund was looking at the painting, Lucy read the letter out loud.
"I do wish you were here with us.It's been such an adventure,but nothing like our times in Narnia. America is very exciting...except we never see Father. He works so very hard. I was the British Consul's tea party this week by a naval officer...who happens to be very handsome.I think he fancies me.It seems the Germans have made the crossing difficult right now. Times are hard. Mother hopes you both won't mind another few months in Cambridge." Lucy looked at Edmund "Another few months?! How will we survive?" Lucy handed the letter to Edmund, she got up and he laid on the bed. 
"You're lucky, you got your own room, I'm stuck with mullet mouth." Edmund said reading the letter. 
"Susan and Peter are the lucky ones, off on adventures." Lucy said, looking in the mirror. 
"Yeah, there the oldest and we're the youngests, we dont matter as much." Edmund answered her. 
Lucy looking in the mirror, puts her hair behind her ear. "Do you think I look anything like Susan?" 
Edmund sighed putting the letter on the bed. "Lucy, Have you seen this ship before?" Edmund said walking over to the painting. 
"Yes, it's very Narnian looking isn't it?" Lucy said standing next to Edmund
"Yeah, just another reminder that we're here and not there" Edmund sighed. 
"You miss her, don't you?" Lucy asked. 
"Melody? Of course I do. But like Peter said, It wouldn't work out probably, She belongs there and I belong here." Edmund replied. 
"There once were two orphans who wasted their time, believing in Narnian nursery rhymes." Eustace took the liberty to open the door and walk in. 
"Please, let me hit him!" Edmund said getting his fist ready. 
"No!" Lucy stopped him. 
"Don't you ever knock!" Edmund said in anger. 
"My house, I do as I please, your just guests...What's so fansinating about that picture anyway? It's hideous!" Eustace said sitting on the bed. 
"You won't see it from the other side of the door" Edmund said, still looking at the picture, didn't notice Eustace making faces. 
"Edmund it looks like the water is actually moving." Lucy said, looking happy.
"What rubbish! See that's what happens when you read all those faniful novels and fairytales of yours" Eustace said, sounding smart...Trying to.
"There once was a boy called Eustace, who read books full of facts that were useless!" Edmund said, Lucy looking at her brother laughing.
"People who read fairy tales...always become hideous burdens to people like me, who read books on real information" Eustace said and Edmund turned around mad. 
"Hideous Burden? I haven't seen you lift a finger since we've been here." Eustace tries to escape, but Edmund shuts the door on him "I have a right mind to tell your father it was you who stole Aunt Alberta's sweets" 
"Liar!" Eustace protested. 
"Oh really?" Edmund said smiling. 
"Edmund the painting!" Lucy said but no one heard her. 
"I found them under your bed! And you know what? I licked every one of them." Edmund said. 
"Ugh! I'm infected with you!" Eustace said
The three got splashed by the painting. 
Edmund walked over to it "Lucy, do you think--?" 
"Some kind of trick? Stop it or i'll tell mother! Mother! Oh! I'll just smash the rottin thing!" Eustace said picking up the painting, Lucy and Edmund tried to get to get it off him, They all dropped it, Lucy's room started to fill up with water, losing their footing, they all take one last breath before trying to swim up to shore, they get up for air, Lucy gasps "Eustace Swim!" 
"What's happening?! Where are we?!" Eustace screaming and swimming 
"Come on! Move!" Edmund said swimming. 
Three figures from the boat jumped in. 
"It's alright! I got you!" Caspian said.
Lucy took two looks "Caspian!" 
"Lucy!" Caspian replied 
"Edmund! It's caspian!" Lucy shouted to Edmund
"It's alright boys! Your safe now!" Crew Member said.
"Are we in Narnia?" Edmund said sounding excited. 
"Yes your in Narnia!" He replied
Eustace panicking and screaming "No! I don't want to go! I wanna go back to England! Im going back to England!" 
Caspian looks at Lucy "Hold on" They get rised up by a giant swing and back onto board. 
"That was thrilling!" Lucy said to Caspian as he gave her a blanket. 
"How on earth did you end up here?" Caspian asked.
"I have no idea!" Lucy replied 
"Caspian!" Edmund said. 
"Edmund!" They hugged "Good to see you" 
"Good to see you!" Caspian said. 
"Didn't you call for us?" Lucy asked 
"No, not this time" Caspian replied
Edmund laughed "Whatever the case, I'm just glad to be here." 
"You're back!!" Olivia ran up to Caspian who picked her up "Why did you jump off the boat?" 
"We had to save these guys, Ollie!" Caspian replied. 
Olivier looked at Lucy and Edmund "Who are you" She poked Edmund's face gently. 
"I'm Edmund and that's my sister, Lucy!" Edmund smiled 
"Hey cutie" Lucy said. 
Before Olivia spoke again. 
Eustace threw Reepicheep. 
Lucy smiled "Reepicheep!" 
Reepicheep looked at Lucy "Oh your Majesties" He bows
"Hello, Reep! What a pleasure!" Edmund said, his finger taken by Olivia.
"The pleasure is all mine but what to do with this hysterical interloper?" 
Eustace shaking and pointing at Reepicheep "That giant rat thing just tried to claw my face off!!" 
"I was merely trying to expel the water from your lungs, sir." Reepicheep replied smiling. 
Eustace's eyes widen and he was shaking more. "It talks! Did you see? Did anyone just hear that? It just talked!"
"it always talks!" Crew member answered him 
"Actually, it's getting him to shut up that's the trick." Caspian said. 
"The moment there is nothing to be said, your Highness, I promise you, I will not say it." Reepicheep answered Caspian who was laughing. 
"Well, I don't know what kind of prank this is, but I want to wake up right now!" Eustace said panicking. 
"Perhaps we could throw him back?" Reepicheep grinned at Caspian, Lucy and Edmund. 
Edmund looks as if he's considering this option.
Lucy gasped and hit him "Edmund!" 
Eustace is walking around the ship, looking at nearly all the crew members. "I demand to know just where the blazes am I?!"
Tavros, a minotaur approaches Eustace. "You're on the Dawn Treader, the finest ship in Narnia's navy." Eustace faints, People start laughing, Caspian walks up to Tavros. "Was it something I said?" 
"See to him will you." Caspian said, still holding Olivia, she was resting her head on his shoulder. 
"Your majesty" Tavros looks at Eustace, picks him up and takes him below decks to rest. 
Caspian walks up the stairs "Men! Behold our castaways! Edmund the Just and Lucy the Valiant! High King and Queen of Narnia!" 
The two siblings got changed into dry clothes, Caspian takes them into his room, where a desk of a map is.
"Aslan" Lucy smiled looking at a picture of him. "look! Susan's bow and arrows" 
"Lucy!" Caspian said, holding Lucy's healing cordial and dagger. 
"My healing cordial! And Dagger!" She goes to take them but stops "Oh, may I?" 
He giggled. "Of course! There yours!" She takes them happily
"Peter's sword!" Edmund said. 
"Yes, looked after it as promised" Caspian picked it up "Here" 
"No no no, it's yours, Peter wanted you to have it" He smiled and turned "I did save this for you though" He throws the torch at Edmund. 
Edmund catches it "Thanks" He blinds himself with the torch. 
Melody burst through the doors "Caspian! Where's Olivia?!" 
"She's safe! She's right here!" Caspian points to the chair. 
"Oh thank Aslan!" Melody walking through Edmund and Lucy, picks up her daughter "Don't scare me like that! You know the rules!" 
"Melody" Caspian said. 
Melody turned around "What?" She froze. 
"Hey" Lucy spoke. 
"What's up?" Edmund also said. 
Melody puts Olivia back on the chair and looks at them "Am I dreaming?" 
"Nope, There back!" Caspian smiled. 
"Edmund!" She hugged him tightly
Edmund hugged her back tightly "Melody!" He pulled away and looked at her, she was happily crying. "I've missed you!" 
"I've missed you too!" She kissed him deeply.
Edmund kissed her back deeply. 
Caspian and Lucy looked at each other in disgust.
"I have so much to tell you!" Melody said. 
"Come, let's go talk." Edmund said.
"Mummy?" Olivia said, reaching her arms up. 
Melody picked her up "Yes, darling?" Melody places her nose on Olivia's nose and changes her voice "What is it, Your Highness?" 
"Who's baby is that?" Lucy asked. 
Melody shot a glance at Lucy "Mine, she called me mummy didn't she?" 
"W--Who's the dad?" Edmund asked, sounding worried. 
Melody sighed "Edmund..." 
"Who is the father?" He sounded mad. 
Melody moved Olivia to the other hip "Olivia..." She paused "Olivia May, Meet your father, Edmund Pevensie" 
Olivia looked at Edmund. 
"She's mine...?" Edmund asked. 
Melody sighed "Remember my birthday three years ago?" 
"Yeah?" Edmund said. 
"You got me pregnant, I found out couple weeks after you left." Melody had tears rolling down her cheek. 
"And...I..I missed it all?" Edmund had tears in his eyes.
"I'm an aunt?! Oh my gosh!" Lucy said sounding excited. 
Olivia clapped her hands when Lucy spoke, Melody looked at Lucy "That you are" Mel smiled.
"Can I hold her?"Edmund asked.
"Of course." Melody handed her to Edmund. 
Olivia looked at Edmund, and Edmund smiled "She has my eyes." 
Melody walked up to him and smiled "I know" 
Edmund looked at Melody "You did the birth on your own?" 
Melody's eyes widen "Don't bring that up." 
"She screamed the whole castle DOWN!" Caspian said. 
"I did not!" Melody protested while smiling. 
Olivia starting to get sleepy, she rests her head on Ed's shoulder. 
"If only Susan and Peter were here, Edmund" Lucy said.
"If only..." Edmund smiled. 
"Anyway, since you guys left.. The Giants in the north have surrondered unconditionally, then we defeated the Calormen armies at the Great Desert! There is peace all across Narnia" Caspian started to speak. 
"Peace?" Edmund said sounding surprised while he rocked Olivia in his arms. 
"In just three years!" Caspian replied to Edmund. 
"And have you found yourself a Queen in those three Years?" Lucy asked. 
"No. No one compares to your sister." Caspian smiled at Lucy. 
"Hang on" Rocking Olivia who is now sleeping. "so, If there are no wars to fight and no one is in trouble, then why are we here?" Edmund asked looking at Melody and Caspian. 
"Good Question, I was going to ask myself the same thing." Caspian replied, looking at Melody. 
"So" Edmund looked at Melody "She's heavy!" 
"Here" Melody takes her and holds her in her arms. 
"Thanks, Mel...So where are we sailing too?" Edmund finally asked. 
"Before I took back the throne from my uncle...he tried to kill my father's closest friends and most loyal supporters. The seven lords of Telmar. They fled to the Lone Islands. No one has heard from them since" Caspian told them. 
"So you think something's happened to them?" Edmund asked. 
Caspian looked at Edmund "If it has, then it's our job to find out what." 
Lucy moved her finger along the map. "Well, what's east of the Lone Islands?" 
Drinian spoke "Uncharted waters, things you can barely imagine, tales of sea serpents and worse!" 
Edmund laughed "Sea serpents?" 
"Alright captian! That's enough of your tall tales!" Caspian took a bite of an apple. 

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