They interrupted by a Mon interested tone.

Sanskar : ( with no interest) Mr Durga Prashad,  Mrs Anupurna Maheshwari,  you can continue your drama outside too,  here my wife needs rest so go from here as because of your bad vibes,  this house is sinking ( with disgust).

Durga Prashad : ( come near him,  hold his hand with pleading look) Sanskar,  please don't do this beta,  I am your bade papa and you are very nice,  please forgive us,  don't throw us from this house ,  where I will go?

Parish,  also come to him,  start pleading to him.

Adarsh : (pleading) Sanskar,  don't do this,  we all are bad but you are very good,  please forgive us. ( sign Parnita to start).

Parnita : ( come toward Swara hold her hand while shedding crocodile tears) Swara,  please forgive us,  you are like my younger sister,  please forgive us,  don't do this,  you can't do this.

Swara : ( act like shocked) how we can't do Bhabhi? after all we husband wife are gold digger,  and cheater,  so according to that we can do anything and we both are doing that only.

Sanskar : ( with smirk) yes absolutely you all said that we are very bad and cunning,  we are just proving your words appropriate.

Aadarsh : No Sanskar,  you both are not bad,  we are bad,  you both didn't did anything,  we only put false blame on you so you both degrade in society 's eyes but you both are innocent please leave us.
(Just then feel flashes on face and find many reporters come inside with cameras and mike).

One reporter : ( in front of camera) so as you all saw,  MM peoples were only degrade Mr and Mrs Maheshwari, how anyone can be so selfish for their selfish reasons,  Durga Prashad Maheshwari destroyed his niece 's name, that's happened in our society,  Family cheat each other only for their selfish reasons.

Sanskar smirk at MM peoples who are looking at him shockingly,  shocked by this.

Sanskar : ( with smirk) your one son snatch your mansion and second ruined your left respect too, ( while looking at Swara) that was my Princess 's wish to prove our innocence,  otherwise,  I don't give any damn ,  that's why,  we made this plan,  and see without any effort,  our innocence is proved now.

Ram : ( with disgust) I am ashamed Bhaisab that i always respect you as my God but you!  You did this to destroy my family,  i never thought you are this much cheap that for mere money you will tried to harm my own family.

Sanskar : ( to Ram) Papa don't need to waste words on this useless family, ( call police soon police come) Arrest them.

All MM peoples startled listening this.

Durga Prashad : ( stammering in shock yet fear) no you can't arrest,  on which basis you are arresting me? I am Durga Prashad Maheshwari  don't forget ,  I can make you all suspend with my one call.

Police : Indian police are not any of slaves Mr Durga Prasad Maheshwari, and we are arresting you on basis of cheating with Mr Sanskar Maheshwari and his family,  then for snatching Mr Ram Parshad Maheshwari 's property,  which your Late father named on him,  you snatched that property and names on your name by taking sign of Ram Parshad Maheshwari.

Durga Prasad Startled listening this which brings smirk on Sanskar 's face.

Sanskar : Mr Durga Prasad Maheshwari,  the way you took my father 's property,  I also play and get my father 's property back,  you got this property by using extra brain and your son make you lose by extra foolishness,  what a combination of father, son ( laugh mockingly).

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