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Hello dear readers!

Come with Epilogue,  hope you all will like 💗

In Maheshwari 's house ;

Durga prashad,  Anupurna,  Laksh,  Parish,  are sitting on chairs,  come to know the deeds of Ragini and also punishment.

Anupurna : because of Ragini,  our reputation ruined,  such a worst plan she made to ruin SwaSan and now behind bars ( while making face).

Durga : (taunting her) at least she is good then your this stupid useless son who didn't tried anything to separate SwaSan,  just he know how to go to prostitute and spend whole money on them ( disgustingly).

Laksh feels insulted by his words about to say something but interrupted by a strong voice.

"Don't worry Mr Durga Prasad Maheshwari, from now your son will not able to spend money,  in fact he will not able to do anything ",  with a smirk ,  Sanskar come with Swara and all family.

MM peoples get up from their seat listening Sanskar.

Durga  Prashad : ( with not interested look) what do you want to say Sanskar and who gave you permission to enter in my home like this?

Sanskar : ( mockingly) your house?? Which house Mr Durga Prashad,  this house was yours but now it's of mine,  only of Mr Sanskar Maheshwari.

This shocks everyone like hell,  MM peoples feels their earth move under their feet.

Anupurna : ( angrily burst) what the hell you are speaking Sanskar,  have you gond mad? This house is only ours.

Durga Prashad : Yes Sanskar,  you may be business tycoon but you can't show your attitude here,  so go from here,  right now,  this is my house and I don't like any outsider in my home ( with attitude).

Sanskar : ( with smirk make everyone confused​) Mr Durga Prashad,  you are very naive,  that's why you don't know anything,  well it's okay,  I am here to help you, to clarify your all doubts,  Mr Durga Prashad ji,  your so called Son already sold this house for a huge amount .

Laksh start sweating listening this,  start scaring,  while others are looking being confused​.

Sanskar : ( sarcastically) you are still confused,  Okay let me help, your loving Son,  Laksh Maheshwari,  he sold his house to a don,  whom he took huge amount for for his prostitutes as your son is very Romantic guy right? Don't get enough from one girl,  he needs girl and alcohol daily so for that he took so much money from a don,  but failed to fulfil all his loan,  so in return of that,  your romantic son sold this house to him ( Laksh sweat listening this) and I bought this house while giving extra money,  so from now,  this house is mine ,  so get from my house, right now as I don't like any kind of dirt in my house.

Durga Prashad looks angrily at Laksh who is standing while holding head in shock,  come and slap him hard on his cheek make him stumbled from his place.

Durga Prashad : ( angrily lash out) I didn't knew I am raising a Naag ( Snake) in my home,  how you can do this? How you can be so useless,  you sold my mansion for your so called needs,  I am ashamed that you are my son.

Anupurna about to say something but interrupted by slap,  Durga Slap her hard,  While Sanskar roll eyes.

Durga Prashad : Because of your so called love and pampering, your son destroyed my happiness.

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