⛔ Before You Read ⛔

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*********Trigger Warning********

If you are sensitive to subjects such as abortion do not read this story.

Any and all negative comments will be deleted.

This story is meant for mature readers only. I am not politically correct at all times so if you are easily"triggered" stop here.

I ask for respect. If you do not like something move on, that's what mature people do and negative comments will be deleted.

This book contains sexual harassment but in the end you will find both characters grow as good people. One of them learns the hard way when everything that matters is lost.

Also, you may find mistakes in my writing. Please do not point them out if you have nothing positive to say. If you do please highlight the entire paragraph and comment which word

The photos attached to my story are there because the actor or model resemble how I picture these characters. They are in no way affiliated with my story.

Read at your own risk! Mature Content and Language.

Please do not copy my stories. They are only available on Wattpad!

I believe sometimes political correctness can take humor out of a story so I go by my gut, not by current political issues.

Have fun and please leave a review in the comments!

There are detailed sex scenes!

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