Chapter 4~

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Lucy's POV
~*Time skip to after the job*~
We had gotten back to guild and on the Job I realized my feelings for Natsu. I had a crush on Natsu and I couldn't stop thinking about him. Today we are celebrating the return of Lisanna even though she returned a month ago. Some of us sang. Mira sang and it was so beautiful! It felt like I was in heaven listening to angels sing. Next was Gajeel.... that was the worst performance I've ever heard. It felt like my ears were bleeding it was horrible. Then it was my turn (song above) After I was done singing I went to go talk to Natsu. I saw him and Lisanna kissing. My heart shattered. I felt warm tears go down my cheeks as I ran to my apartment. I laid down on my bed and turned to my side. I knew I would never be able to talk to him again or look at him ever again! I saw a picture of Natsu and I. I took the picture and threw it across the room. I slide down the wall angry and sad. I started to sing because singing always make me feel better. When I was done I grabbed my coat and went for a walk. I looked up at the stars and it reminded me of how far apart me and Natsu were.
~*Time skip to morning*~
I walk into the guild better than ever! I am happy and energized! I walk over to were Gray and Erza are  sitting.
"Hey guys!" I say.
"You look great today Lucy considering what happened last night" Gray said
"Yup! I'm 100% better!" I exclaim.
" Hey guys!" Says a voice. I turn around and see Natsu

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