Chapter 3: The Project

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Lucy's P.O.V

Buzz Buzz. I groan and look at my phone. It was just a like on Instagram. I look at the time, 4:52. Good, I can go back to sleep. I silent my phone and lay my head back down on my pillow and I close my eyes. 

I turn over. I can't seem to get comfortable. My eyes shoot open. UGH! I can't go back to sleep! (Ok I hope I'm not the only one this happens to) I get out of bed and get a glass of water. Yep, definitely not going back to sleep. 

Heading back upstairs, I step in the shower and turn the knob the warm side. I step out and get dressed taking my time picking out a nice outfit.

I walk down the stairs again and make breakfast. Quickly eating it, I walk out the door. I assumed that the shower took longer than it actually did and didn't bother to look at the time so I got to school fairly early. 

I walk in the classroom and find Natsu sitting at his desk. Does he get here that early every morning? 

I tread to my desk and sit down. I honestly kinda feel bad for Natsu. No one will even look him in the eye, I wonder if he's lonely. I'm tempted to talk to him but I can't stop thinking about what Levy and literally everyone else said about him. Is he really that bad? How would they know if they never talked to him?  

I'm pulled out of my thoughts by the bell. I was so caught up on thought I didn't even realize the students coming in. 

"You got here early Lu." Levy says as she approaches me. "Yeah, I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep." I explain. 

"Oh, makes sense. So what were you thinking about?" She asks 

"What?" I look at her confused "You were clearly lost in though earlier. I actually called out your name a few times but you just stared blankly." 

"Oh sorry, I didn't realize." I apologize 

"That doesn't answer my question." She says looking at me suspiciously. "Oh, well...I...uh.." I stutter. Would she be mad if I told her I was thinking about Natsu? No of course not, why would she be mad? But she did tell me to stay away from him. 

"Lu?" Levy's looking at me and slightly giggling "You did it again." She giggled "Oh sorry.." Suddenly the bell rings

"Alright class, let's get started." Mrs. Tuttle says

"BLA BLA BLA IMPORTANT STUFF!" Then the bell rings


Levy and I walk in the cafeteria and immediately went to sit with our friends. I still can't believe I made such good friends on the first week of me being here. 

We go and sit there and Juvia has a giant smile on her face. It was kinda creepy. "What's with the face Juvia?" I ask her. Juvia looks like she's about to explode from...happiness? "GRAY~SAMA BROKE UP WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND!!" Juvia was practically jumping for joy. "That's...great?" I say.

 "OF COURSE IT'S GREAT! Now that he is single, he and I can get together and date and kiss and have 33 babies!!" Juvia is squealing with excitement. 

I laugh at her child-like excitedness and she immediately gets in my face "DONT touch MY Gray~Sama!" She says possessively, even though they're not dating yet... 

"Understood, he's all yours!" I say holding my hands up. "Great!" Her smile comes back in an instant.

We spent pretty much the entire lunch listening to Juvia's fantasies of her and Gray in the future. Rambling on about how he'll propose next to the lake during a sunrise and fireworks will go off and they'll live in a small house on a hill and have 3 kids. 

She really does have their entire future panned out. The bell rings and we all leave to go to our next class.

<><><><>Next Class<><><><>

I knew no one in my next class so I don't really talk to anyone there. Today Mrs. Charle announced that we were going to do a group project so go and choose a partner. 

I stood up and immediately everyone already had partners so there was no one left except, oh no. Natsu. Mrs. Charle noticed we were the only two left and told us that we were going to be partners.

Oh no. Ohnoohnoohnoohno!  What do I do?! Everyone I know has told me to avoid him at all costs. But what can I do? He's the only one left. Maybe I should give him a chance. After all, the only reason people say to avoid him is because he's strong, they don't know his personality. Maybe he's nice. Guess we'll see. 

"Alright, now that everyone is partnered up. The project is to get to know each other. Now I realize that most people went to someone they know. So your task is to find out things you never knew about the other person and the two of you will make an album. Everyone understand?" Mrs. Charle explained. Everyone nodded their heads. 

"Great now you have 5 minutes to get each other's number because we will not work on this in class so you will have to find time to meet up. It's due at the end of the year."

Immediately the room erupted with people talking and laughing. I slowly walk up Natsu and tap him on the shoulder. I take a deep breath "So I guess we're partners?" I say awkwardly. 

He just looks at me straight in the eyes. Why's he doing that? "So, uh...can I have your number so we can work on the project later?" I ask and hand him my phone. 

He looks at me for a second then he takes it and puts his number in and hands it back. "Thanks." I say.

He doesn't seem to show any emotion. Is he surprised that I'm actually talking to him? Is he judging me? Is he glad I'm talking to him? Ugh, I can't read this guy. My thoughts are interrupted by the bell.


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