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“changbin?” felix awoke to changbin sleeping on-top of his cover, looking like he accidentally fell asleep sitting by felix. it was early in the morning, maybe around six thirty, it was still dark out. felix was just thirsty but when he got up to get a drink, the memories of the previous hours came rushing in. the little amount of drinking he may have done, how jisung snuck him into the dorms, how he basically confessed to changbin.

“what have you done, lee felix?”

you'd think after shamelessly trying to get changbin to notice him with chapstick would work by now. he noticed the slightly smudged gloss on his lips was still prominently present but he didn't have the energy to wipe it off this early in the morning.

felix climbed back into his bed, trying not to disturb changbin in his uncomfortable looking position. changbin stirred before walking up.

“felix? why are you awake?” the older boy asked groggily, his gruff morning voice echoing through their dorm.

“i only woke up for a minute. i'll go to sleep now-”

“wait, felix.” changbin started, wanting to ask his questions about earlier but took it back due to how early it was and he might not remember. “nevermind, goodnight.”

“goodnight, hyung.”

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