Chapter 2: Magic Class

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Lucy's P.O.V

I arrive at my homeroom class and sit down.

"Lu!" I see Levy walking up to me. "Oh, hey Levy." I say.

"You excited for magic class today?" She asks. "Oh yeah, how come we didn't have that yesterday?" I ask

"Don't know, but I can't wait!" She says letting out a little squeal. I giggle at her excitement when suddenly the bell rings.

"Alright class, settle down" Mrs. Tuttle tries to talk over the class but no one hears her, I don't think anyone even heard the bell but me and Levy. "SHUT YOUR FACES!" Mrs. Tuttle yells at the top of her lungs.

The room goes silent and everyone looks at her. "Much better. Now, everyone take a seat and we will begin with today's lesson"


I walk into the cafeteria with Levy. "Hey Lu, can we go sit with my friends, I want you to meet them!" Levy asks with hope in her eyes.

"Yeah, sure." I say and I follow Levy to a table. "Hey, Levy!" A girl with long white hair says. "Who's the blond?" A blue haired girl asks.

"My name's Lucy." I say as I sit down

"Nice to meet you!" A red-haired girl says "Are you new, I don't think I've seen you around."

"Yeah, well sorta." I reply "I lived here until my father and I moved to Hargeon when I was 6. We just moved back a few days ago."


We talked all lunch and I think I have their names down. There's Juvia, she has blue hair and is wearing a blue dress. She has a major crush on this "Gray" guy but apparently, he has a girlfriend.

Mira is a beautiful girl with long white hair and a small hair tie on her bangs. She wears a long black dress and is currently in a relationship with some "Laxus" guy.

Evergreen has pretty wavy brown hair and wears a short green dress with glasses. She supposedly doesn't have a crush but whenever the girls mention "Elfman" she blushes, faintly, but it's there.

Cana also has long brown hair but hers is a little darker. She wears a blue top with an orange jacket and black leggings. I can already tell she is kind of...crazy. She is currently single and hoping to keep it that way.

Lisanna, she has short white hair and wears a short red dress. I don't really know much about her love life...wait, why am I describing them with their love life anyway?!

And finally, Erza. She's kinda like the mother of the group. She really is beautiful, with long red hair a black top and a black skirt. Supposedly she's almost scarier than that Natsu guy, but even she won't talk to him. Aaand she has a "small" crush on some Jellal guy.

<><>Magic Class<><>

"Alright class, My name is Mr. Powell. We are going to start up with one on one fights to test each other's abilities." He explains "Now everyone is required to participate so don't even try to make some lame excuse to get out of it" He glares at the class. "The first pair is Erza vs. Droy"

They get up there and that fight was over before it started. In a matter of seconds, Droy was on the floor with Erza towering over him. Turns out she uses Requip magic. Basically, she can change her armor and weapons at any point in time, and she's really good at it too. "Very impressive Ms. Scarlet"

Mr. Powell looks pretty stunned but kept his composure. "Mira vs. Seila"

Mira and Seila step up in front of the class. That fight took FOREVER. I got kinda bored honestly, I mean it was an interesting fight but no one was showing any sign of stopping. They both used the same magic of demon blood and can turn into a demon. (Yes I know Seila uses curses not magic but just go with it) Since magic class was the last period they could keep us there as long as they want if the lessons not over, which makes no sense to me but I guess doesn't matter.

Finally the fight was over and in the end, Mira won. Mr. Powell looked like he almost fell asleep during the fight but he smiled "Nicely done ladies" he said. A few more fights I didn't really pay any attention to go by and finally it's my turn. "Lucy and Jet"

We step up and almost immediately he was behind me and punched me. I stumbled forward losing my balance and fell down. "OPEN GATE OF THE RAM, ARIES!" I yell and Aries comes and makes so much pink wool that the Jet guy can't see or run fast. "OPEN GATE OF THE LION, LEO!" Loke pops up and blasts Jet in his tracks and Jet falls. I won. I WON! "Very Nice Lucy" Mr. Powell comments. "The last pair is Eric and Natsu"

Levy gasps. "What is it?" I ask. "Eric is the one person who ever challenged Natsu and swore that he would one day he would beat him. I hope he doesn't think today is that day cause there's no way he can win." Levy explains

"What magic does Natsu even use?" I ask. "He doesn't." Levy says simply.

"Doesn't what?" I ask confused. "He doesn't use magic. Or at least no ones seen him use it." Levy says.

"Wait, people are so afraid of him they won't even look him in the eye but he doesn't even use magic?!" I mean really, that makes no sense.

"Well, yeah. You'll see."

They step up there and Eric is smirking looking really confident almost positive he's going to win. Eric lunges forward with a strong attack and Natsu simply leans to the right without even moving his feet and effortlessly dodges it. As Eric is right behind Natsu he tries to go in for another attack, but Natsu flattened himself and right as Eric hit the ground Natsu swept him off his feet. Eric now on the ground with Natsu looking down at him. Eric bounces up with a punch ready but Natsu beats him to it and gives him a strong hook again, without moving his feet. Eric was flung across the room and hit the wall. Hard.

Mr. Powell didn't even say anything, no one did. Natsu looks at the swarm of people staring at him and they all immediately looked away. "You are all dismissed." Mr. Powell says.

Everyone leaves in a huge hurry. I catch up to Levy "How did he do that?!" I ask. "This is what I was talking about." She says "He's dangerous and extremely powerful and he doesn't have magic and the rest of us do. Now I gotta go. See ya Lu!" Levy waves goodbye "Bye."

I was still in shock from Natsu's fight. He sent someone flying across the room using no magic, he didn't move his feet! How can he be that powerful against magic when he has none? He made that fight look easy, he almost seemed bored. And according to my friends, Eric is the strongest wizard in the school, and he was defeated effortlessly by a non-magic user.


Well, I really have nothing to say but hoped you enjoyed the chapter!

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