his favorite place to kiss you

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-he likes kissing your nose

-but when he's feeling goofy he licks your nose

-you get all annoyed and say it's gross, but it's actually fucking adorable

-Jaeden likes to kiss your lips, like a normal person

-your lips are never crusty, and they plump like a bounce house

-he does weird things with your lips tbh, hell play with them with his fingers

-lowkey has a lip fetish

-Oh he loves loves loves kissing you on your cheek

-he thinks your cheeks are cute and he likes to pinch them and kiss them

-if he's really feeling weird he'll pull on your cheeks then give em a smooch

-he doesn't kiss you


-he likes kissing your forehead bc he's a little  taller than you

-he does it all the time 25/8

-sometimes he pretends to go in for a kiss and then smacks your forehead

-y/n is pressed

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