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Ayden's POV

I punched the wall, letting out my anger. I let her get away because I had to hurt her to save her from myself. I didn't understand how else I was supposed to do that other than hurting her feelings.

I only had one thing left that I could do now. I had to find out what Angel's real story was. If I was going to find her, I needed to find out who she really was.

I went to the cemetery to see if I could get any clue. I needed to see if I could possibly get close to finding her tombstone.

I searched the graveyard, even during the night, wondering if she would come to her own grave. I used a flashlight to show me the names of each tombstone. I passed any tombstone that didn't have a female name or a female's name with an E at the beginning.

I stopped on one that caught my eye, noticing a strange symbol in the corner. I took a picture of it with my camera on flash. I used Google's image search option to search it up, and I began to wonder.

I read the name on the tombstone, associating it with Angel. Eliana Wilson. Her name must've been Eliana, but what was her story?

I followed down to her birth and death date, taking the time to really study. The girl was barely twenty when she died, putting her right around college age. It had barely been over a year since her death. I noticed the specific date of her death being Christmas. I hadn't even thought about it until now, but it started to make sense as to why she was outside by herself during the Christmas dinner.

The girl had hit her one-year death anniversary.

This had to be her name. It was the only real sense to make of it. The symbol on her tombstone was that of a virgin. I knew for a fact this girl was a virgin.

I needed to know her story now, to know what had happened to her on Christmas. She lived the perfect life. I doubt she would've killed herself on Christmas.

I stood up but my eye caught something out of place. I looked at the blooming rose in February, while the rest were all wilted. This rose was white but the tips were dyed in a red color.

I shook my head, going to the library to use the computer. I had to find out more about Angel and who she was before this.

I clicked open a tab and searched her name. I clicked on an article about her death. She had been murdered as I suspected but nobody had caught the killer. Just days prior, her roommate was murdered as well. What was going on in this life of hers? She came from quite the background and wanted to keep it hidden from me.

I skimmed more of it, seeing a picture of her land in my view. It was a school picture of her. She wore a flannel shirt and some light sweater. I never pictured Angel as the type who wore glasses, but it did start to make sense.

I rubbed my face, looking around the library to see if anyone was watching me. The coast was clear.

I sat back in my chair and couldn't believe my own eyes. "Wow, Angel. You had a juicy life." I printed out multiple articles on her death and her life beforehand. I was going to take the time to research more about her, now that I had known who she was.

I got to my apartment and put the papers on the counter. I heard some noise coming from the other room. "Who's here?" I yelled out.

I walked around the counter and grabbed a butcher knife just in case.

"That's not going to work on me. It's going to be a lot harder than that," a man's voice came from behind me.

I turned around, narrowing my eyes. "State your name and business."

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