09. natural

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[ 09. natural ]

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Jeongguk has no idea how he ends up in Taehyung's bedroom, kissing the older with such intensity he can feel the blissful rush of adrenaline surging beneath his skin, their shirts unbuttoned and hands grasping at each other eagerly.

Literally only moments ago, the two have been arguing about their beliefs, yet here they are, Jeongguk being plopped on top of Taehyung's dresser and Taehyung's hands clutching the dips of his small, thin hips. The younger swears he can never think properly with Taehyung, his effect on him is weakening, like a good type of poison. Every single thing Taehyung does is like finding his kryptonite after so long, and sometimes he's sure he's going to be bound to regret it all in the end.

When is he going to regret it? He doesn't know, but for now, all he can focus on is the addictive taste of Taehyung on his lips.

He takes fistfuls of his soft, silky locks into his fingers, tugging Taehyung closer to deepen their kiss. It's sloppy, clumsy, the epitome of hungry teenage kisses, but Jeongguk doesn't care. His mind has gone blank, his thoughts unable to process what's going on as his desires power his actions.

Everything feels so wrong yet so right that he's not quite sure what he wants anymore.

"You're so beautiful," Taehyung mumbles against his mouth, pulling back to press feathery kisses down his jaw. Jeongguk giggles, lightly hitting his shoulder with his fist, a blush creeping up his cheeks.

"Don't say that," He whispers, reaching down to cup the sides of his face. Taehyung puckers his lips, blowing air into his cheeks to be funny. Jeongguk lets out another laugh, shaking his head incredulously.

"Why can't I?" Taehyung asks, his lips transitioning into a teasing grin. He slides his hands down Jeongguk's thighs, occasionally giving them a firm squeeze that makes the younger jump.

Jeongguk merely shrugs, "Cause it feels weird."

"Gosh, this still feels weird to you?" The edges of his mouth falter enough for Jeongguk to notice, and he immediately knows he has done something wrong.

"N-no-yes, a litt-wait nuh-no! I...don't know," Jeongguk trails off, nibbling at the bottom of his lip. He feels Taehyung's stare on him, waiting patiently for an answer.

"I just think boys can't feel the same pleasure as a girl and a boy." He admits shyly, his face warming up.

He lets go of Taehyung's jaw, his hands falling to his lap. Expecting the boy to get mad and tell him otherwise, he finds himself a bit surprised to hear deep, velvety laughter rumble in the other's chest instead.

Taehyung chuckles lowly, one of his hands lifting up to engulf Jeongguk's cheek in his huge palm, "Doll, whoever told you that is wrong. Pleasure and love is free for anyone to feel."

Jeongguk tilts his jaw up slightly, giving Taehyung room as the older places ticklish kisses down the vast, empty canvas of his neck. His hands instantly fly up to Taehyung's shoulders, a yelp nearly escaping past his lips when Taehyung playfully nips at the flesh. For a second, he feels a little weirded out, but it's not long until the feeling settles into a puddle of warmth in the bottom of his tummy.

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