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Ethans POV
I sat down in calculus and listened to the boring lesson. I tapped my pencil against the desk as the principal came in and said, "Ethan Dolan can I see you?" I gather my stuff as I walk out and feel all the burning stares on me. I walk out and walk down to his office and see that my sister is sitting in the office. She stood up and said thank you to the principal as she started walking out to the car. "Why are we leaving?" She didn't say anything as we both walked out of the school and into the car. As soon as we got into the car she started crying. "Dads in the hospital Ethan. He just got diagnosed with cancer. He only has a couple days to live." My heart shattered. The dad who would watch me play football. The dad who would eat, sleep, and breath on my football is only going to be here a couple more days. I didn't know I was crying till felt the tear slide down my cheek and land on my hand. "I took you out so you could go and see him." I didn't say anything and just continued crying as Cameron cleaned herself up and drove to the hospital

I walked into the oh so familiar hospital. What a coincidence that a son was here almost dead and now the father is going to die here. We walked I and saw my dad. He still looked like the same dad but a little less color. "Hi dad," I said. I was holding back tears because I knew if I did, my dad would harp on me about crying. "Hi Ethan." I made a small fake smile as I sat down in a chair. "How are you feeling dad," I asked. "I'm feeling okay right now. I already now about how long I have." The tears threatened to fall as they keep building up. Soon enough they started falling. I felt a comforting hand rubbing my back and looked up to see my dad crying as well. My dad is that type of person that usually never cry's. The only time I've ever seen him really cry was when I was in the hospital. "Geez I taught my son not to cry and now I am," he said with a small chuckle. I smiled o as we both looked each other in the eyes and smiled.

* Couple days later*
I sat in the car and made my way to he hospital to see my dad for the last time and say goodbye. We got a call yesterday that he was very close and that we should come as soon as possible. We pulled up and walked inside going to my dads room. Right when I walked in I knew it was his time to go. He was skinny and had no color with bags under his eyes. I started crying as I stood and looked at him. He made a small smile as he said in a light voice that he wanted to talk to me individually. Everyone looked at each other and nodded as they walked out. "Ethan, I know how strong you are and I want you to stay the person you are. Stay strong for me okay?" I shook my head as he continued talking. "Make sure you take care of mom, Grayson, and Cameron for me. You can be the next man of the house. I love you son, I love you so much." I started crying as I hugged my dads fragile body. "I love you to dad." He started crying as he looked at me and smile. "Go one and be the son I know you are." I nodded and hugged him even more.

We all stood and watched as my dad slowly and slowly became less reactive to things. His eyes started to shut more and more. I watched his breathing become slower and slower until I heard nothing coming from him. My mom walked as she collapsed onto Cameron's shoulder. Cameron started crying as well and soon enough I did. I looked at my dads lifeless body laying in the bed. I looked over at Grayson who was standing towards the back and moved over to him. I tried to go into a hug with him but ended up getting a small shove from him. I knew that Grayson knew what was happening right now. I moved away as I cried alone.

We pulled into the driveway and as soon as we pulled into the driveway I could feel a gloom hanging over. Now that my dad was gone it wasn't going to be the same. Although my dad is gone, his business is still making money and we are getting it. I stepped out of the car and walked to the front door. Grayson still didn't want to be touched so he lingered behind everyone. "Come on Grayson we need to go inside," I said as Grayson was slowly making his way to the house. When he finally got inside my mom was already crying again on the living room. "Ethan and Cameron you can go and eat whatever you want," she said. I nodded as I walked into the kitchen to find what I want. Grayson walked in and I said, "What do you want to eat Grayson?" He came up to the cereal cupboard and pulled out a box. I said okay since I didn't want to make him worse than he already did right now with everything happening. I poured him cereal and handed it to him as he sat and ate it. I grabbed a quick snack and sat down beside him to eat.

"I'm going to go out for a little to get my mind off everything alright," my mom said with puffed eyes. I shook my head and said, "Okay mom." She forced a small smile and said, "Okay jut make sure Grayson doesn't do anything." I shook my head as she came over and kissed me and Grayson.

I was sitting in the living room when Grayson came in and sat down next to me. I asked him, "Do you missed dad?" He repeatedly said dad and shook his head. I came and hugged him and looked at him. I saw his dark eyes and feel in love and completely changed. I slowly got closer to his face and kissed his cheeks. I pulled away as I looked at him and he had a small smile on his face. I knew that he loved it and so did I.

Chapter 17! Sorry about not updating in awhile and this chapter definitely changed everything. Also thank you for 500+ views😄!

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