Chapter 3~

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Lucy POV
"Hey Luce" I hear someone say.
I shot right up out of bed and ended up hitting him in the forehead.
"Why do you never come through to front door Natsu?" I said annoyed rubbing my head.
"Because it takes longer to get to your bed... Damn Lucy why is your head so hard?" Natsu questioned.
I'm rubbing my head with an irritated look on my face.
"Look, Luce I'm sorry"
"It's whatever Natsu.. but seriously though why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be with Lisanna?" I question looking away from him and frowning a bit.
"I kinda.. missed hanging out with you..."
"Yea right..." I mutter under my breath.
"what was that Luce?" Natsu asked raising an eyebrow.
"Nothing" I Said looking even farther away.
"Okay! Well what do you wanna do?" Natsu asked with a smile on his face. I kinda blushed a little.
"I don't really know nor do I care." I say looking at the ground.
"Okay..." Natsu looks up thinking really hard about what they could do. I smiled at the thought of him thinking.. you don't see that everyday. I burst out into laughter.
"What's so funny?" Natsu asked
"N-noting." I manage to get out through all the giggles.
"Okay?" I keep laughing until I finally calm down.
"What if we go on a job together?"
"Maybe. Rents do in a couple of weeks anyways so I mean why not?" I say smiling a bit.
"I'll go get gray-" I get cut of from the sound of Natsu growl. I am a little spooked but I don't think much about it.
"Are you okay Natsu?" I questioned worriedly.
"Yea." He says calming down.
"Okay so let go find a job." Natsu said standing up.
"Okay..." I say slowly standing up and the next thing I know I'm thrown over his shoulder and I was at the guild. We look at the request board and find a job. It says that we have to protect rich people from robbers. Its reward is: 100,000. That could pay off my rent I have do in a couple of weeks. I point to it and say "This one!" Natsu examines the job and finally says okay. We grab it show to Mira and then we're off. I'm looking out of the trains window when I see chunks fly.
"NATSU! I'm trying Enjoy the view of the land not your vomit!" I say angrily.
"S-sorry Luce I can't help-" he was cut off by his vomit. When the train frontally stopped Natsu ran out of the train and started kissing the floor. As we walk away he says "I'm never riding a train again!"
I sigh and say, "You always say that Natsu."

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