[ch. 8] stop stealing all of it

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Dex didn't even bother asking what movie they wanted to watch. He just used this weird device thing to create a DVD that said "Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation". 

When the movie started, Sophie fell in love with Ethan Hunt (that's tom cruise btw) 

"He's so hot!" she whispered to Biana, and Fitz overheard. "Excuse ME." he said, faking hurt. She smiled and patted his hand. "You're a close second." 

He rolled his eyes and put an arm around her, pulling her close and nuzzling his head in her neck. Sophie smiled and played with his hair as they watched the movie. It was so captivating that nobody said a word during the whole movie. 

When the movie ended, Keefe started throwing some weird elvin alternative to popcorn at the screen, screaming "I WANT MORE!" 

It was late at this point, so the teenagers decided to go to sleep. Sophie dragged Fitz to her room and closed the door. They got in bed, and soon they both fell asleep. 

It was three o clock in the morning when Sophie realized that her legs were cold; there was no blanket on them. She reached for the blanket, figuring out that Fitz had stolen all of it. She pulled, and eventually got it back. Of course, Fitz mumbled and pulled all the blanket back to his side. Five minutes later, they were wide awake and fighting for the blanket. 

"Fitz! Stop stealing all of it!"

"Babe, I'm not! You stop stealing it!"

"I am NOT stealing it! You're the one who started this!" 

Fitz was tired of it, so he grabbed Sophie and pulled her onto his chest. He wrapped the blanket around the both of them and kissed her head. 

"Is that better, doll?" 

Sophie just muttered something like "idiot" and fell asleep on Fitz. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her, making a silent vow to protect her forever. Not that she needed it.

oh my gosh I'm sorry that was so short!

I'm really running out of ideas now. 

do you guys want me to add a neverseen plot or keep going with the marshmallow fluff? 

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