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The anchor sliced through the air  and drop at the bottom of the lake. The Duke decide to swim. What better way to start this expedition was there? Of course with a swim.
The sun seems closer to the earth in this parts. It warmed his body as he swam in the refreshingly chill water. William dove in after him keeping his pace. 

As feet touch the soil, his heart leapt. From where he stood he could see trees and palm trees with the fronds touching one another and waving. William almost felt like a child again wandering what mystery awaited. The men brought the ship closer to land. Weariness of cannibals and wild animals was gone. If this island were a woman, they'd call her the most beautiful creature they were graced to look upon. The ship was made to dock at the shore of the island. The duke's men went about a little into the forest for any signs of danger but  none were to be found. A little danger couldn't hurt to make this place endearing, thought Williams. They walked on armed to the teeth. They would not take any risk.  If they were to find game,  oh what fun it would be. Little animals like squirrels scurried for nuts, chameleons blend with the color of the nearest thing as they passed, birds chirp, rabbits hop,weasels scurry and every other thing did its own thing to make it serene. They came to a clearing and decide to camp for the night. Lord Gresham had so many plans for this place each becoming grander than the last. They feasted and laughed gaily.

The body of black sat in his abode legs crossed. On the floor was a white cloth. Upon the white cloth were beads white beads of peculiar shapes. He hummed and placed his hand on the beads, his lips moving. He open his eyes and look at the cloth with concentration. Suddenly the cloth turns black and red. Gasping he place his hands on his head,"the end is here".

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