Chapter 11:Dinner with the Nikos!

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Okay so after the last few chapters of just pure anger and depression, let's get something more happy! Neo is going to get to know her boyfriend's family over dinner! How will this go? Also Neo wears the outfit in the picture at the top to the dinner.
Neo was on edge right now, she was going to dinner with her Hubby and his family and she was scared out of her mind right now. "Ice Cream Cone are you almost ready?" Liam asked as he knocked on the door to her room with a voice laced with worry. Neo came out wearing the clothes she picked for the dinner they were having. "Do I look to slutty?" Neo's sign types out as she glanced around nervously, not wanting to make a bad impression. "Ice Cream Cone you never look slutty, besides Mom and Pyrrha are dressing casual, so I see no problem with your outfit." Liam said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders as she leaned into him.
Liam and Neo make their way to the restaurant as they walk hand in hand. "Big Brother!" Pyrrha called out as she waved to her brother and his girlfriend. "Good to see you to Strawberry." Liam said as Pyrrha puffed out her cheeks angrily before punching her brother in the arm. "Why do you insist on calling me that?" Pyrrha whined as she stomped her foot on the ground. "Cause your cute like a Strawberry!" Liam said as he flicked her nose, which just annoyed her more. Neo placed her hand over her mouth and shook slightly, indicating she was laughing. "Adorable aren't they?" Diane asked Neo as she smiled at her son's girlfriend.
"Are they always like this?" Neo's sign typed out as she finally recovered from her laughing fit. "Yes the two of them have always been attached at the hip when they were younger. In fact Liam attending Beacon is the reason that Pyrrha decided to come here as well! She couldn't stand being away from her Big Brother for four years." Diane said as the group made their way inside the restaurant. The group was led to their table as they all sat down and began to look over the menu. "So when did the two of you meet anyway?" Diane asked as she smiled at her son and his girlfriend. "We met on a mission that I went on when I was 14. We started dating when we were 16." Liam explained as Diane and Pyrrha nodded their head in understanding.
                            "So Neo How has my son been treating you? I hope he's been good to you!" Diane said in a teasing tone as Liam's erupted into a blush at her words. "Liam has been absolutely wonderful to me! He's incredibly gentle and knows exactly how to make me feel better when I'm having a bad day!" Neo's sign typed out as Diane smiled at her words. "So Big Brother do you bring Neo on Missions for Master Yen Sid?" Pyrrha asked as she looked at her brother for an answer. "Of course, Neo has travelled to the other worlds with me to help get rid of Heartless. Although we haven't been out in a while, given that Chip and Dale are upgrading both mine and Zane's Gummiships." Liam explained as their drinks finally arrived.
                  Neo was finally starting to relax now that things have started moving, although she was still scared to tell Liam's Family the truth. They had just finished eating when Liam got up to use the bathroom before heading out. "So Neo what made you fall for my son in the first place?" Diane asked as Neo tensed up at her question. She knew there was no getting around the topic, but that didn't make it any less stressful. "H-He didn't abandon me like everyone else did." Neo's sign typed out slowly as Diane and Pyrrha were surprised by her answer. "What do you mean Neo?" Pyrrha asked gently as she tilted her head to the side slightly.
                 Neo took a deep breath as she tried to gather her nerves before telling them the truth. "I used to be the partner of Roman Torchwick, until I met Liam at least." Neo's sign typed out as both Diane and Pyrrha's eyes widened in surprise. "Liam was sent to stop us from robbing a Dust cargo boat, but then Heartless showed up and attack the ship. Roman and I tried to get away, but I got surrounded and he abandoned me." Neo's sign typed out as she took a shaky breath at the memory. Neo looked at Diane and Pyrrha for their reaction, but they looked at her to continue her story. "For the longest time it had always been me and Roman vs the world." Neo typed out before pausing again to think about what she wanted to say.
"But in that moment I realized he was no different then anyone else that I met in my life. I was 14 years old and betrayed by the closest thing I had to a family. I remember dropping my umbrella and waiting for the monsters to finish me off." Neo's sign typed out as she waited again for a reaction from Diane and Pyrrha. "Go on sweetie, continue the story." Diane said gently as Neo nodded before picking up where she left off. "Then as fast as a heartbeat, Liam was in front of me taking down the Heartless. He looked at me from over his shoulder and asked if I was okay." Neo's sign typed out as she started to crack a smile.
"I was at a complete loss for words, the person that had come to stop me and throw me in the slammer was protecting me! I didn't have this sign of mine at the time, so communication was hard. I tried sign language and to my surprise he knew it." Neo's sign stopped typing again so she could think about her next statement. "I asked him why would he care about me and he just said that I didn't seem like a bad person. After the fight he didn't handcuff me or threaten me, but asked if I would be willing to go with him to Professor Ozpin!" Neo could feel herself getting emotional as her sign stopped typing once again.
"I followed him and Ozpin was willing to give me another chance, but I knew no one wanted to work with a former criminal. Then Liam immediately offered me a position as his companion when he travelled to other worlds to fight off Heartless." Neo began to smile again as her sign stopped typing and she looked back on the memory. "For two years we worked together, but then Liam told me he didn't want me as his partner. I was crushed, the one true friend I had was abandoning me like all the others. Then he grabbed my hand and told me he rather have me as his girlfriend!" Neo blushed as she remembered that day as her happiest.
                    Although Neo's happy smile was soon replaced by a frown as tears started to form in the corners of her eyes. "P-Please don't make us break up! I know you probably don't want your son dating a former criminal, but please let us stay together! I-I don't want to the lose the person I love!" Neo's sign typed out as she started to let tears roll down her face. Pyrrha grabbed Neo and pulled her into a gentle hug. "Neo, sweetheart I would never ask you to break up with Liam! You obviously care deeply for him and will never leave his side so just take care of him okay?" Diane said as she smiled at the girl as she pat them on the back.
"T-Thank you Mrs. Nikos, I won't let you down!" Neo's sign typed out as she blushed in happiness. "Oh there's no need to call me Mrs. Nikos! Please call me Diane, or mom if you feel comfortable with it!" Diane said with a gentle chuckle as she smiled at her son's girlfriend. "T-Thank you mom." Neo's sign typed out as she looked down in embarrassment. "Neo would it be alright if I call you big sister?" Pyrrha asked as she finally broke the hug with the shorter girl. "O-Of course little sister." Neo's sign typed out as she smiled gently with a blush on her face.
Liam came back out and rejoined then as they paid the bill and left the restraint together. "So I've Cream Cone what did my mom and my sister talk to you about while I was gone?" Liam asked as he held his girlfriend as he pulled her close. "They were just welcoming me to the family Hubby!" Neo's sign typed out as she snuggled into his chest with a content sigh. "See I told you they would love you! You had nothing to worry about!" Liam said as he kissed her on top of the head gently. Neo let out a small yawn as she covered her mouth with her hand. Liam picked his girlfriend up princess style as he carried her home as mom and sister smiled at them.

Alright so Neo has been officially accepted into the Nikos Family! So what is in store for our heroes? Will Ruby and Yang continue to harass Liam and his loved ones? Will the rest of the Rose Family make a reappearance? Does Ozpin have plans for teamKNDM? Why am I asking so many questions? Find out next time!

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