2.2 | special chapter (1)

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after the death of the two young lovers, things weren't quite the same.

eunhye was found shortly after in a nearby forest attempting suicide. the others, along with a few police, went around trying to look for jaemin and gayoung— only for eunhye to proudly inform them that they had drowned to their death.

eunhye was eventually sentenced to a lifetime in the best mental asylum in south korea with special medical treatment.

renjun, and the other children who were victims of eunhye, had to stay at the hospital to get their injuries check up.

however, taeyong, jeno, doyoung, taeil, junhui and joohwi couldn't face reality after the announcement of the two lover's death.

they couldn't really focus on anything but their death. they had trouble in maintaining their jobs and school life, it was a hard time for them.

eventually, after five years, everyone managed to get back on their feet.

taeyong, doyoung, junhui and taeil managed to get themselves in happy relationships and even taeyong got engaged!

doyoung took a lot of courage to come out as bi, he had his eyes on the newbie at work and boom shaka laka— they're engaged too uwu.

renjun was out of the hospital and was healthy again. he graduated from an art college and his artworks are displayed in the most famous museums around the world.

straykids? oh they managed to become famous backup dancers for lots of idol groups, including the famous bts.

eunhye, well, no one has heard of her since. she's practically locked inside that mental asylum with maximum security.

lucky last, jeno and joohwi.


"jojo siwa headass!" jeno jokingly had joohwi in a headlock. "heading back to the dorms?"

"no i'm going to the strip club," joohwi rolled her eyes and pried the boy off her. "and no, i'm going to visit gayoung and jaemin."

"i'll come with."

"yeah sure."

after a quick visit, they stopped by a cafe that was located next to their campus. they ordered a slice of cake to share and two lattes. they sat down at the table in the far corner.

"i miss them," joohwi sighed, playing with the straw to her drink.

"me too," jeno mumbled. "if it weren't for them then we wouldn't be together like we are now."

joohwi pouted a little from their bittersweet memories, "yeah."

jeno stretched out his arm onto the table and overlapped his hand over hers. he smiled softly, "i love you."

joohwi smiled back, "i love you too."

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