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her dad was an fbi person so i'm trying to limit the amount of personal details i reveal. i never know if he's going to hack my phone and see that i'm writing his daughter's address (124 sesame street), social security number (2468-WHO-DO-WE-APPRECIATE), phone number (+1 (570) 321-1234), and other random tidbits that could get me arrested and get her stalked.

but i can tell you what kind of person she is. emma, was always the shorter friend out of us all through elementary school...and then high school hit and the roles were swapped. she's also the kind of person that has a mini fan girl moment over when i post but doesn't bother to vote or comment (*cough cough still love you though). she's been there when i went on a psychopathic rage and literally stabbed a hole into a canvas (new years 2018...oops). and she's been there when i was wiping fried cheesecake on her face. and she's been there when i was crying about her leaving me-she was awkwardly patted my back and promised to write some fan fictions. oh and she doesn't like ice cream (i know i know i wanted to kill her too, but more ice cream for us right?)

she's always there burping in our videos, making me laugh, and insulting me for all kinds of things (i still haven't forgotten that butterfly shirt comment man). we've had a lot of shawn mendes dance moments and serious heart to heart conversations that usually end with talking about the dolan twins through the years. i thought that you would forget about me the moment you realized florida has cooler people and hotter boys, but i know now that even if we don't text hourly you're still there in the end. reading my chapter, giving me disney updates, and giving advice/asking for advice. and at one point we even synced periods.

you've been my best friend for ten (right?) years and just recently we were able to accomplish our elementary dreams of seeing each other at disney. i'm really glad i know a person like you and originally i was waiting until your birthday, but that's like forever away. plus your birthday one will be loads more embarrassing. sorry not sorry.

thank you for putting up with me. and loving me. and sending me updates on the dolan twins. and making me laugh and almost pee. and giving me free bath bomb reviews. just over all thank you for existing. i love you more than i love shawn mendes but not as much as i love zac efron...oops

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