Black Blood //JDRonica.

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Human beings are born with milk white blood. However, every time one is to commit a crime, it turns a darker shade, at its worst being a black substance. Veronica Sawyer and Jason Dean had been dating since senior year, and now they were 21, and Veronica was an inspiring author, and they lived in an apartment together. They were both happy, until one day.

"Hey, babe, I'm home!" Jason called, walking through the door with two slushies in his hands, one blue raspberry, and the other blackcurrant. His girlfriend smiled at him from her hiding place behind her laptop, working on a new chapter to her latest book.

"Hey, J, did you go to a certain 7/11 place by any chance?" She joked, as he chuckled softly, placing the blackcurrant slushie next to her, sipping on his own.

"You mean the place where we first kissed? Hell yeah," He grinned, kissing her forehead before throwing the now empty slushie cup in the trash and heading to the kitchen, "Want a sandwich or anything, love?"

"I haven't eaten since yesterday, so sure," Jason turned around and sighed, folding his arms with a pout.

"Ronnie.. You're supposed to have breakfast!"

"Do you?" She asked simply, turning around in her chair, "Last time I checked, you didn't even have any coffee this morning!"

"Fair point," He huffed, grabbing the ingredients for their snacks, "But of course you'd get upset over me not having coffee, you're basically addicted to that stuff," Veronica hummed with a soft chuckle.

"Yeah, I guess so."

The next few minutes were spent with the soft chopping of a knife before there was a small squirt, a hiss, and quite a loud, "Shit!" J.D growled, as the other girl perked up.

"Language!" She turned around, before going wide-eyed, as J.D look equally as shocked at the colour of the blood oozing from his hand. It wasn't just black, it resembled a void. A dark, empty void. The 5'4 girl slowly got up, hesitant, "J-Jay..?"

"Veronica, it isn't what you think!"

"Is that what the attempted murders did?! Do I have it too?!" She panicked, about to make herself bleed to find out, when Jason grabbed her by the arms firmly.

"No, don't do that to yourself, Ron," He softly sighed, "And no, Heather, Ram and Kurt all survived, and it was my fault.. We talked about this.."

"Why is it completely black?" She asked shakily, staring down at the wound. Jason sighed through his nose.

"My dad.. forced me to do a few things..."

"Like...?" He went silent for a moment, before gently sitting her down and grabbing the first aid kit, opening it.

"Well, when I was around twelve I was stealing cigars and the like, ya'know? That didn't help, and he used to abuse me and blame me for mom's death," He explained bitterly, wrapping a bandage around his hand, gritting his teeth, "Also, I did some digging, some research if you like, and I found out that how much trauma you go through also changes the blood colour," He explained, finishing up, before leading Veronica to the couch, sitting next to her and wrapping a gentle arm around her. Honestly, he was a little bit hurt when she flinched, "Veronica, I'm not like that anymore.. I swear."

"I-I know.. It's just that I've never thought it would be as dark as it is.."

"I know.. I'm probably a monster," He sighed, before Veronica pulled him into a kiss.

"You're not.. A monster wouldn't get forgiveness, and guess what? Heather-fucking-Chandler forgave you.. us.. for almost killing her!"

"I'm pretty sure she was still drugged, but okay," She lightly hit his arm, "What?" He chuckled.

"She came up to me at the coffee shop and told me that she actually forgives us, and I quote, 'It takes a big-balled guy to admit he almost murdered someone, let alone three people.', so she respects you!" She grinned, hugging his side. J.D sighed gently, stroking the brunette's hair as she slowly relaxed, before eventually dropping off to sleep. He smiled gently, picking the other girl up bridal style and slowly carrying her upstairs to their shared room, wrapping her up in the duvet, before heading back downstairs to clean up and turn the lights off, before lying next to her, kissing her head softly.

"I love you, Ronnie.. I'd never hurt you, again, I mean.." He whispered, caressing her cheek with a sad smile, "I promise."


I didn't really know where I was going with this, so I hope you like it, PastelWaves46


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