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"No, no deary, that's not it at all!" Freddie huffed, stomping over to where Brian was standing with his guitar, his hands on his hips. We were having one last practise before tomorrow's opening night gig, and to say we were a tad rusty would be understating it.

"What do you mean that's not it? I'm playing it how I bloody wrote it Fred, which is how it is on the damn album!" Brian snapped back, taking his tone a little too far. We were all stressed since we had barely any rehearsal time, but he'd been in a mood ever since Rog and I showed up yesterday. I knew it was me. He wasn't overly thrilled that Freddie and I were still together, and he didn't have any problem showing it. I'd been on the receiving end of more scowls than I could count today, he wasn't shy that he was angry with me.

"It sounded fine to me." Roger spoke up with the intention of solving the argument, when he really only made it worse.

"Of course it did, don't want to upset poor baby Brian over here." Fred scoffed, using a baby voice to accentuate his comment. His pettiness caused me to snort back a laugh from my seat, earning me yet ANOTHER scowl from the guitarist.

"Will you knock it off Fred, Jesus Christ." Roger muttered, rolling his eyes, his arms on his knees as he rested his chin in his hands.

"Even he can't help those two." I smirked, pulling out a chuckle from the blonde.

"I'm just trying to make everything run smoothly lovies, so that we both look and sound amazing!" Freddie sighed, rubbing his forehead tiredly. We'd been here for hours and nothing was going right. It was too fast, too slow. Rog missed a cue, Fred missed a cue. It was just shocking.

"Maybe we should call it a day?" I suggested, standing up with a stretch. "We've been messing around for hours, and it's not going to get any better the more we overthink it."

"Deaky's right." Roger nodded, standing up from behind his drums. "We always kill a live show! We'll just go out and play like we usually do. They're not going to care if we miss a few cues." He shrugged.

"Fred?" I questioned, causing him to look towards me.

"We should probably let it be." He agreed, leaving Brian to walk over to me. "Tomorrow we'll just have to be better." He added, glancing back at the taller man to send him a glare.

"Good, because I don't know about you lot, but I'm fucking starving!" Rog groaned as he dramatically waltz from his drums to Brian, who was packing up his amp. His twirling caused both Freddie and I to chuckle a little, Rog really was something else, but you wouldn't change him for anything.

"Darling, you're ALWAYS hungry." Freddie laughed, leaning against my chair as I packed up my own things.

"Hey, I'm clearly the one who works the hardest on stage, so I have every right to be hungry." He snarked back jokingly, earning himself the middle finger from our lead singer. "Joking! Jeez, you're so touchy Fred! Anyone would think you were the frontman or something." He smirked.

"I'm going back to the room." Brian piped in with a grumble.

"You're not coming for dinner Bri?" Roger asked, suddenly dropping his joking tone. The older of the two shook his head as he picked up his guitar case and small amp.

"I'll see you whenever." He muttered before he stalked off towards the exit, not even throwing a glance in mine and Fred's direction.

"Has he been like that since you arrived love?" Fred quizzed as Rog made his way over to us. The drummer nodded, falling into a chair with another sigh.

"He's been painfully moody. I barely got a word out of him after we left your room last night!"

"It's me." I mumbled, both of them looking up at me. "He's mad because I'm here. I've been getting scowls from him all day, it's me. He's not happy with me." I sighed, feeling bad that Brian was pushing Rog away because of me.

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