Delly's Life (Their Origins pt2)

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Delly was once a human before

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Delly was once a human before. She was kind and silly but very caring when it comes to her family and friends. Sometimes when she would be alone, she often wonders "What is the world like?"

By the time, she was hanging out with her usual friends in the underground subway. Delly and friend were unaware why they werr brought or why they were Test subjects.

"Hey _____! Ready to go?"

"Yeah I am.." she shyly responded.

As she makes her way to her friends, a sudden train that still functions comes  and runs her over. The sight was brutal for others. For her, she woke feeling a mix of pain and ease. Along with waking up on the surface of the ocean with the night sky and stars painting over beautifully.

The now soul girl reached out towards to the starts. Once she did, a glow starts to form.

"Your real name can not be revealed.. your name shall be Delly.. now go.. live freely before regaining your human soul." A voice says to her.

Once she wakes up again, Delly found herself alone and only covered in a white cloth to cover her new flesh and body. Getting up and leaving the place she found herself in a new enviroment that she had not seen before. By then, she was discovered by others who was like her.

And now she was a happy chirp loli squid that has yet to explore. Although... she can not remember who she actually was. Infact she was reborn in new soul of her own.

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